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Hat, bald head, side parting: hairstyles and styles for receding hairline and hair loss

At some point, most of us men come to the point where we look in th...
Mütze, Glatze, Seitenscheitel: Frisuren und Styles bei Geheimratsecken und Haarausfall

At some point, most of us men come to the point where we look in the mirror and face the truth: What do we do with our hair when hair loss begins or receding hairline? We looked at hairstyles for balding heads and know that there is hope !! 

We have to fight hair loss? 

Clear answer: You don't have to do anything. But do what you feel comfortable with! 

This post is meant to be about simple ways that you can react to beginning or already existing hair loss. But if you are looking for a way to combat your hair loss, we recommend oursContribution to medical treatments and hair transplantation. 

But what is just as effortless as it makes sense: Counteract the hair loss gently by using a gentle oneshampoo with caffeine for hair loss when washing. This stimulates the blood flow to your scalp, revitalizes the hair roots and gives them energy to continue to do the best possible job. And you wash your hair anyway, that's why a new shampoo is a no brainer. 

Styles for men: which hairstyle suits what type of hair loss? 

Depending on the severity of the hair loss, there are many ways to get a lot out of the remaining hair. Of course, a sturdy bald head is a suitable way to show a shiny self-confidence with the least effort. But that's not everyone's cup of tea either. 

It is similar with hats and hats. They can be extremely stylish and underline your character, but are only suitable for everyday use to a limited extent. With a few jobs, the most normal thing is to wear a baseball cap. And at the latest when you take your date home with you, you will also drop your hat with your covers. 

Before we get to the hairstyles, one last general hint: Don't try to hide bald spots with a comb over of long hair. Unless you want to look like Donald Trump, then of course it's an option. 

Circular hair loss: Better go to the doctor first than to the hairdresser 

With alopecia areata, the medical term for circular hair loss, bald spots suddenly form on the head. What you should know: Stress is often a cause of circular hair loss and the hair can grow back again. 

So before you go straight to the razor, you should definitely talk to your doctor about treatment options. 

Diffuse hair loss: the cut with thinning hair 

The sobering truth is: the way to a bald head starts with hair thinning. But that doesn't have to mean that you can't get the best out of the next few years or even decades! 

If your hair becomes lighter, you should react with a short cut. Hold the top coat a little longer than the sides. This creates a contrast and apparently more volume. 

And even though your hair is then short, you can still get more out of it with the right styling. Matt wax or pomade give your hairstyle additional shape and a sporty cut. This is how you ideally balance thinning hair. 

With receding hairline: Many styling options 

Hardly a man is happy about a growing forehead. But among the various forms of hair loss, receding hairline corners still allow some presentable cuts and tricks: 

Whirl up: Depending on how voluminous your hair is, there is hardly an easier way than messing up your hair. You get the fuzzy look aka Out of Bed Style with medium-long hair and a little matt wax. With this, you conceal receding hairline inconspicuously and distract from the forehead with the wild mane. 

Crown: The parting is particularly suitable for business events. Only one side of the receding hairline is invisible, but the asymmetry makes up for it. Just don't glue the crown to your head too hard, otherwise it looks like varnished. Instead, make it casual and casual to impress in the meeting. 

Braid:If you have long hair anyway, this is an ideal occasion to tie them together in receding hairline in a tight braid or man bun. Due to the smooth structure on your head, you focus on your eyes, which means that your high forehead is less noticeable. 

Beard: Fortunately, with us men only the hair on the head falls out, but not the beard. If you are satisfied with your facial hair, put it in the spotlight: There are numerous beard trends with which you can focus away from your hair on your face. And by the way, you stand out from the crowd. Because almost everyone can have a long beard, but only a few men impress with a perfectly groomed mustache or full beard.t. 

It depends on self-confidence

Confidence prevails over hair loss: straighten your shoulders, stretch your chest out. It is not great that your hair will fall out, but it is also not a doom of the world, especially since there are numerous methods for continuing to look great. And for all other cases, our laboratory has effective ones Hair care products designed for men.

Stay yourself and #staysober


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