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Caffeine for hair loss in men: miracle cure for skin and hair?

Caffeine should not be missing to wake up, but in cosmetics Why caf...
Koffein bei Haarausfall bei Männern: Wundermittel für Haut und Haare?

Caffeine should not be missing to wake up, but in cosmetics Why caffeine helps against dark circles and hereditary hair loss: The most important properties and tips about caffeine in the bathroom.. 

What is caffeine? 

We know caffeine aka caffeine aka caffeine best from coffee, tea and cola. Some maybe as a substance in chocolate. Why we enjoy consuming caffeine is clear: it has an invigorating effect on us. Mandatory routine, every day: cup of coffee, hello awake.h. 

The fact is: caffeine is the pharmacologically active substance that is most commonly consumed in the world! Anyone who has ever seen a caffeine tablet would describe caffeine as white and odorless. As with coffee, the taste of pure caffeine is bitter. The white, crystalline substance is a xanthine alkaloid C8H10N4O2 and is obtained from coffee and cocoa beans, tea, kola nuts, mate and guarana.n. 

The main properties of caffeine: 

  1. It stimulates blood circulation. 
  2. It prevents diseases. 
  3. It helps against dark circles and tightens the skin. 
  4. It has been proven to prevent hair loss. 

1. Caffeine stimulates blood flow and nervous system

You may know it from racing your heart after the 10th cup of coffee: Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the heart and thus stimulates blood circulation. At the same time, however, it is also psychoactive in that it excites the central nervous system and constricts the blood vessels in the brain. 

Caffeine makes us awake and invigorated every day. Those who do not consume it excessively are also happy about the effects on human health:

2. As a drug, caffeine has many beneficial properties 

Researchers have long been concerned with the health effects of coffee and are constantly discovering new connections between caffeine and our health: The substance can prevent adult-onset diabetes and various types of cancer, including liver cancer, breast cancer and the skin cancer, basal cell cancer. It also affects our sensitivity to insulin and controls our feeling of hunger. 

It is also interesting that caffeine, although it is not a hormone itself, has an effect on hormonal activity in the metabolism: it influences the sexual hormone binding globulin, which is related to this.t. 

3. Caffeine reduces dark circles and invigorates the skin 

Trick against dark circles: 

Place a black tea bag on the area around your eyes for a few minutes so that your eyelids swell and the dark circles disappear. Why that helps: Caffeine removes the accumulated fluid relatively quickly. At the same time, the tannins in the tea ensure a firmer complexion. And: The caffeine stimulates the blood circulation here too! As a result, the cells are better supplied with oxygen. Result: You look really fresh. 

Well-intentioned advice:Don't leave the bags too long and use one afterwardsmoisturizing face cream for men! Otherwise the teabag threatens to dry out your skin and would provoke wrinkles! 

The excellent effects of caffeine on the skin is the reason that good face creams take the substance into account in the formulation. With caffeine, you get better results in skin tightening and smoothing. With the Hydra Defense Cream, we therefore rely on an optimal dose of caffeine for facial care. Try it yourself: You get the skin care creamhere in the shop.

4. Caffeine stimulates and protects the hair roots 

Various study results show: Caffeine is an effective weapon in the fight against hair loss! 

Why it helps the hair roots: In the case of hereditary hair loss, the roots are very sensitive to a certain testosterone, the dihydrotestosterone DHT. The sensitivity of the roots can be seen in the fact that their metabolism and thus your activity can fail. As a result, their growth phases are shortened and the hair does not grow. The result is at the same time an annoying fear that worries many of us men: hair loss and baldness.ung. 

Now comes the caffeine: The substance blocks the effect of DHT, gives the hair roots strength and thereby increases the growth phases of the roots to the normal length. 

By washing your hair you get this preventive effect: Via aHair loss shampoo You apply the caffeine to the scalp and it penetrates into the hair root within two minutes. Here it can work against testosterone and at the same time stimulate the hair follicle. 

Studies have shown that the protective effect of caffeine through washing your hair lasts for up to 24 hours. Therefore, a daily use of the caffeine shampoo is recommended to counteract hereditary hair loss.

For skin and hair and in coffee: caffeine, the miracle cure 

Caffeine is not only the most frequently consumed pharmacologically active substance, it is also conceivable that caffeine is also the most popular: Caffeine has clear advantages for the human organism, has a positive effect on the skin and prevents hair loss. It can therefore be used in face creams and shampoos. And of course in coffee.. 

Raise your cup! #staysober


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