Nebenwirkungen Haarausfall

Itching, dandruff, acne? Solutions to side effects for hair loss

You discover a remedy for hair loss and have to find out: You are exchanging problems for problems. Because the price of fuller hair can often be itchy scalp, dandruff, and even acne or psoriasis. Proper hair care can relieve the symptoms!  

Treatment for hair loss: skin problems are often pre-programmed  

As soon as a man's hair becomes inherited (androgenetic alopecia), he will deal with how to fight hair loss :  

You can accept your bald head, transplant hair roots, wear a wig ... or take medication to combat it.  

And because you landed on this article, one of the terms minoxidil, redensyl and thiocyn will tell you something:  

Minoxidil is used by doctors to treat hair loss; the active ingredient is applied to the scalp as a foam or solution - often sold under the Regaine® brand. It takes a few months for the first results to become visible, and the full effect unfolds after about a year. The manufacturers of the various preparations state a success rate of 70 to 80 percent, although some tests speak of about 30 percent. The monthly costs are also quite high.

Redensyl is a comparatively new treatment for hair loss. Like Thiocyn , it acts at the level of the free radicals that are responsible for cell damage. For both agents, the best way to find evidence of effectiveness is from the manufacturers themselves.  

While the minoxidil itself can cause itching, dandruff and reddening of the skin, there is another complicating factor:  

The various hair loss solutions also almost always use alcohol - and not one of the good alcohols ( more on this here ), but alcohol denate, also known as denatured alcohol or ethanol. This is a real problem for scalp health.  

Alcohol denat. in hair solutions: bad for the scalp  

Ethanol is one of the denatured alcohols. For skin and hair care products - and thus also for your hair loss preparation - you can recognize the substance by the INCI name Alcohol denat. This type of alcohol is often used because it is cheaper than high-quality alcohols.  

The price of the skin and scalp, on the other hand, is high.  

Alcohol denat. leads to damage to the skin barrier: it is an irritant substance that attacks the sebum layer, which has a protective function for the skin. This dries out the skin faster and is more susceptible to bacteria and inflammation.  

Due to its aggressive properties, ethanol can lead to skin diseases. Dandruff and psoriasis, acne and neurodermatitis are part of it, but also itching and redness.  

In connection with the desire for fuller hair, the side effects pose a stressful risk.  

After all, you can alleviate the symptoms if you counteract it with the right hair care.  

The right hair care against the side effects of Minoxidil, Redensyl and Co.  

If you are fighting your hair loss with preparations such as Minoxidil (e.g. Regaine®), Redensyl or Thiocyn, make sure that you care for your scalp particularly well:  

Your shampoo and hair conditioner should provide your scalp with valuable ingredients that moisturize and give the cells new strength. What has also proven itself: salicylic acid .  

Although the name sounds quite dangerous at first, it is one of the active ingredients that have a long tradition in medicine:  

  • Salicylic acid has a corneal dissolving effect: dead skin cells such as dandruff remove the material so that there is space for new, healthy cells. For this reason, medicine also uses salicylic acid for psoriasis.  
  • Applied externally, salicylic acid relieves pain and is therefore a suitable candidate for itching.  
  • The active ingredient is also anti-inflammatory, which has a calming effect on the scalp due to the aggressive effects of ethanol.  
  • Salicylic acid also inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. If the protective layer of your scalp is damaged due to the ethanol, the active ingredient absorbs the causes of dandruff, psoriasis and acne.  

Another helpful ingredient against the side effects of Minoxidil, Redensyl and Thiocyn is Pirocton-Olamin . It is an antibacterial agent and a fungicide - it also fights bacteria and fungi on the scalp. Similar to salicylic acid, only more effective.  

When treating your hair loss, make sure you have the right shampoo and conditioner for your scalp! #staysober