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For our interview partner: in of the month section, I spoke to Nic...
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For our interview partner: in of the month section, I spoke to Nico (las) Weidenbach from Munich this week, who ran the online shop with a small team of beauty enthusiasts a few months agop IRRESS founded. In addition to hand-picked care products, the shop in the Niche Beauty area also offers exciting products from the areas of fragrance, make-up and K-Beauty. Nico and his team pay particular attention to sustainability in the selection of brands, so that, for example, only products are offered that are free from animal testing or vegan. Customers who order from IRRESS can also rely on the fact that only recycled or recyclable material is used for shipping. What does that mean for us at sober? A pretty good match..

The profile

Name: Nico (las) Weidenbach

Feels like age: 25

Profession: Entrepreneur in the beauty sector

Soul Food: A perfect steak in a good atmosphere

Favorite musician: The Weeknd

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Nicolas Weidenbach

Why-Up Questions

Winter or summer. Definitely summerr

Yoga or workout workoutt

Sea or sea oceanr

Day or night person It dependsn…

Organic or regional regional!!


Our topic is especially clean beauty and the protection of our planet. What does sustainability mean to you?

Probably the most important & most interesting topic of our time! For me, sustainability doesn't just mean driving an emission-free vehicle or doing without plastic straws. Rather, it is about protecting and conserving our nature and the resources associated with it. It starts with shopping in the supermarket. I am a big fan of regional foods that support our regional farmers and leave a significantly smaller carbon footprint than the strawberries from Spain..

But sustainability and environmental protection are also very important at IRRESS. We only include products in our range that meet certain sustainability aspects such as free from animal testing, vegan, certified organic, etc. We also take great care to ensure that the products we offer do not use plastic packaging as much as possible. Our shipping packaging and its filling material are made from recycled and recyclable material.

Which book (or podcast) should we all hear / read??

The café on the edge of the world.

How did you come across cosmetics??

My mother has been in the professional make-up field since I can remember. Even as a toddler, I was involved in numerous film and television productions in the make-up. Later I tried beauty products like cleansers and creams myself. This is how my fascination for cosmetics & beauty came about!

Do you have an insider beauty tip that you can give to your customers?

Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and, above all, avoid stress! That’s half the battle. Everything else is done by a good cream and a beautiful make-up!

Is there anything that you are particularly proud of in your business??

Definitive! The people who give their best every day so that our small start-up grows! Thank you!

Do you have a personal tip on how to avoid plastic in everyday life?

I take great care not to use plastic packaging, be it in the supermarket or in online shops. It starts with the fact that I go shopping with a cloth bag, but also removed disposable plastic bottles and fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic from my shopping list. In addition, the plastic rubbish that arises at home is strictly separated and brought into the recycling bin provided for this purpose.

What is your favorite sober product?

I can't choose between thatGentle Facial Cleanser & theYouth Infusion Creamso that I can feel like 25 even longer;)

Who do you admire?

My parents! I wasn't always easy;)

What are your 3 must-haves in the bathroom?

A good perfume, a toothpaste with activated charcoal and a face cream that is rich in active ingredients.

What question should we have asked you?

“Beauty is much more than just make-up or a cream. It is a well-being, a relief or an accessory of inner beauty. That, coupled with an awareness of our environment, is the credo of 


Nico, thanks for the interview!

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