Gute Bakterien, böse Bakterien: Wie sieht eine gesunde Haut bei Männern aus?

Good bacteria, bad bacteria: what does healthy skin look like in men?

The number of the day is 10 billion! So many bacteria live on our skin - more than there are people on this planet. Should that bother us? We take a closer look at that.

Healthy skin is full of (good) bacteria

The good news: it is absolutely correct and important that we share our skin with so many bacteria. We are even dependent on them! Basically, bacteria live very harmoniously with us and create a balance on our skin: they are an essential part of our own ecosystem, the skin flora.

The activity of the bacteria, but also their metabolic products, are vital for our skin. Its tasks include regulating the naturally acidic pH of the skin, balancing the microflora of the skin and forming antibacterial substances. They also optimize the connections between the skin cells so that our own skin barrier is strengthened.

The "bad" bacteria are also included

The composition of the different bacteria varies from person to person and depends on age, gender, genetic predisposition and living conditions. The greatest common denominator are the strains of Actinobacteria, Firmicutes, Proteobacteria, Bacteroidetes and Cyanobacteria. The most common types of bacteria are Propionibacterium acnes - of which individual strains are related to the formation of acne - Staphylococcus epidermis and Corynebacterium.

But the skin region also influences which types of bacteria they colonize. The reason is that the skin areas are differently moist, oily or sebum-rich. This leads to different (survival) living conditions for bacteria.

In a healthy skin environment there are good - that means: useful for us - bacteria. A limited number also include bacteria that can cause infections or diseases, but the colonization of other bacteria controls them and keeps them at bay. So they form a protective shield against unwanted bacteria.

How do I take care of my bacteria?

Because bacteria are so important to our skin, we should disturb them as little as possible and disrupt the skin flora. This is also the reason why more and more people try not to take a shower every day and use only mild detergents. Because hot water alone is enough to wash bacteria off our skin. And if our skin is less densely populated by bacteria, the more unhealthy and defenseless it is.

In this context, the Gentle Facial Cleanser is a suitable facial cleanser for men and effective against pimples and oily skin: on the one hand it is low in surfactants and uses kaolin muds, activated carbon and red algae for an organic care of male skin.

Because bacteria in dry skin regions don't have a good chance, you should contribute to a blooming skin flora with a good day cream for men. With the face cream for men, the Hydra Defense Cream , we rely on the advice of our pharmacologist and toxicologist Prof. Dr. Michael Schirner also works on blueberry and raspberry seed oils: The two substances have been shown to act on bacteria and viruses in such a way that they make a significant contribution to protecting the skin from unwanted infections - they support the antibacterial protective barrier and thus prevent the skin from being colonized incorrectly by the wrong bacteria and ours The best anti wrinkle cream for men!

Be good to your skin flora - and #staysober!