by Philipp Roth

Is there the perfect Christmas gift for men? We have gift ideas.

Dear partners of men: At Christmas it is not easy for your other h...
Gibt es das perfekte Weihnachtsgeschenk für den Mann? Wir haben Geschenkideen.

Dear partners of men: At Christmas it is not easy for your other half. Let's speak plain text.

We men love to use the myth that we are so uncomplicated. The truth is that there are at least three exceptions where we definitely are not. Namely, if ...

  1. we are sick
  2. we should ask for directions and
  3. we are asked what we want for Christmas.

Don't worry too much about the gift ideas for men. We have brought a few ideas with which you can bring your partner.

Gifts for men: why so complicated when it is easy?

We men love it simple. It is no surprise that the question of a gift for men overwhelms us: First, we have everything we need; Second, we do not like to rack our brains about what we need to do; thirdly, the things we wanted are almost always outside your (and our) price league: fast cars, the latest smartphones, oversized televisions for watching football.

So what can you give us? We asked friends and acquaintances what a man would be happy about. The question was: "What would you want from your girlfriend or boyfriend as a husband for Christmas? How do you think about men's cosmetics as a gift, for example? "

In fact, we got useful answers!

Gift ideas for men 2017: what guys are looking forward to

Nils R., 31: "Broaden your horizons - and some quality time!"

“So if you ask me that, I would like a chic safety razor! I enjoy learning new techniques, professionalizing myself and broadening my horizons! Up to now I have always used such a simple 3-blade razor and I believe that I can do it more stylishly and sustainably with a safety razor.

What else would I be happy about for Christmas? Time together! My wife and I work a lot and since we have our child there is hardly a moment left for the two of us. One evening together on the couch, a good glass of wine, Netflix & Chill ... That's it! ”

Your friend is like nils Then give him a safety razor (click here for the shop ) and treat yourself to some quality time.

Gift idea for men's birthday

Philipp K., 29: "My dark circles need help!"

“In addition to my actual job, I often hang up and travel a lot with my DJ equipment. Bags for my vinyl players would be great, but honestly: I prefer to choose them myself, so there are no nasty surprises.

Because of the two jobs and especially because of the weekend work, I often don't sleep enough, you can see that in my dark circles and my irritated skin. With a face cream that helps and smells nice, you are on the safe side with me. ”

You won't find a DJ need here, but you will find a facial care that helps against dark circles and wrinkles: Order the Hydra Defense Cream here .

Facial care for men

Gökhan S., 35: "It should be personal."

“I hardly have any cosmetic products at home. A deodorant, a shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste. I don't need much more.

So what would I be happy about for Christmas? Personal gifts where people have thought about me - I like that. It can be a book or a weekend trip where we can experience something together.

Then I remember: I always pack my few cosmetic products in a plastic bag for such tours. Admittedly, this is neither neat nor practical. A small bag would not be bad, with which I pack things properly and have them quickly at hand. ”

The compact cosmetic bag is brand new in our shop: wafer-thin, super tear-resistant and vegan! Ideal for the man who travels light. You can order the toiletry bag here .

Cosmetic bags for men vegan

Good men's gifts? It's not that difficult!

The perfect gift is not impossible, because even small things make you great joy: some time for two, an excursion or an adventure. If it should be something material, you will not go wrong with honest men's cosmetics: You can find the refreshing facial care, stylish shaving utensils or elegant gift boxes in our shop .

With that in mind, #staysober


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