Geschenke für Männer: Über welche Präsente sich Herren freuen

Gifts for men: what gifts men are looking forward to

It's that time again! Christmas, Father's Day or a big birthday is coming up. And with it, as every time, the same question of suffering: Which gift idea or gifts are suitable for men We have brought some ideas for you with which you can make different types of men happy on the holiday..

For romantics

If the man receiving the gift is one of the more romantic types, you probably know the answer best: Where did you get to know each other? Which places are related? Where did you have particularly nice experiences? Use these questions as an opportunity to develop your own individual idea. Because: Romantics like personal

If you struggle with this, not everyone has to be oh-so-creative, then do it the classic way: Reserve a table in your favorite bar for a nice evening together, maybe it will be the candlelight dinner on New Year's Eveter?

For the enterprising

The best gift ideas for men, by the way, even romantics know are those where you do something together. This can be a weekend together in an area that you haven't explored yet. Or a special place in your city that you did not know yet. Simply book train tickets and overnight accommodation and you're done.ig.

If you don't feel like traveling yourself: give the man something for his travel equipment. Backpacks such as those from Fjällräven are practical because they can also be used in everyday life..  

For the sensible

A gift like a joker, because you can only draw it once: a safety razor! The stainless steel one here is indestructible, stylish and particularly high qualityin our shop. The reason why the sensible man will be very happy about it is that the safety razor is far cheaper in terms of razor blades than the system razor and produces considerably less waste. A perfect gift idea for papa or those who are just about to celebrate their 18th birthday.).

For piggy banks

For once, we don't mean the gentleman who should get the gift: Even if you plan with a manageable budget in the low double-digit range, there are good gift options. DIY is the keyword. Homemade biscuits always work and there are a dime a dozen good recipes for them. Your gift is more exciting and exclusive if you are a little braver and trust your technical skills.

There is only one condition here: the gift must be practical! We advise against purely decorative items for the apartment, because they almost always die in a dark corner in dusty places. Onthis DIY blog for example we found some really nice and practical ideas. The leather key fob is the clear favorite.r.

For techies

He likes to do handicrafts, can spend hours or days busy with high-tech toys and is as happy as a small child when he has built something that not everyone has?

Provided that this man is tech savvy, you'll do one with oneRaspberry Pi nothing wrong: firstly, he can always use several of the mini-computers, and then, secondly, he can do very weird things with them. What that can be showsthe post here.

For the demanding

The practical thing about men with high demands is that you always hit the mark with a stylish gift for men, the main thing is that it is of high quality!!

It doesn't necessarily have to be the overpriced watch: a good wine for a special moment is a flattering gift. Good advice is needed here: the wine magazineFalstaff is a contact point to find out about outstanding wines.

If the man attaches great importance to his appearance then is an exquisite perfume a really special gift for Christmas: The GQ lists Thorium No. 90 as oneof the best fragrances and highlights the woody amber notes. We use the perfume ourselves and can tell you: You won't do anything wrong with it. Thorium No. You get 90here in the shop.

For the trend-conscious

Should the gift go to a man who has more or more shoes than you? Depending on the style, the topics Black & amp; White, Color and Dad Sneaker are very popular. The latter is our personal favorite! Examples of this are the rather hot Adidas Yeezy Boost 700. But they have a problem: They are difficult to obtain and are likely to be dropped for the giving of presents. Also chic: Thats Model NMD_R1.

For Christmas grouches

The hardest case is clearly the men who don't have much to do with Christmas and have to go through it once a year. As boring as it sounds, you give this type of man the greatest pleasure, that is, the least amount of suffering that can be assumed, by giving him something that he needs anyway. A year of Netflix, new boxer shorts or actually the socks that he always buys anyway you have the perfect Christmas present for men.Männer.

We know what you're thinking now: that's not special enough! We therefore recommend that you take a look at our care products: These are high-quality cosmetics designed exclusively for men, with which even a Christmas grouch can look forward to the Christ Child again. And he 'sober be able to use something from the sober care range , be it against wrinkles, Forthe shave or onepure skin. Or take our high qualityGifts for men which we have packed in elegant gift boxes.

Have fun giving gifts and #staysoberr


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