Gegen Augenringe: Baue diese Anti-Aging Pflege in deine Tagesroutine ein.

Against dark circles: Build this anti-aging care into your daily routine.

No man wants to look so tired that everyone assumes that he is at the limit. We men want to savor life, be cheerful and relaxed - and everyone should be able to see that! What doesn't help are dark circles. We show you our tips for an ideal daily routine, with which we ensure a fresh look WITHOUT dark shadows under the eyes.  

What you should know in advance: Dark circles are related to how you move, nourish and care as well as the question of how much rest you allow yourself and which toxins you do not consume. So far, nothing new. However, you will know the problem that, like us, you pay too little attention to yourself in hectic everyday life. So what we need is a plan for a feasible, pleasant daily program with which we can remove the dark circles.  

In this article we present a routine that has another advantage: It not only prevents dark circles, but also reduces the formation of bags under the eyes; the swollen areas below the eye area. Because: By strengthening the connective tissue under the eyes, we counter the hanging pockets with an effective remedy. Here we go!

You can do something about dark circles in the morning

When do you usually get up? At seven or eight? What if you get up half an hour earlier (or start working half an hour later) and do something good for your skin and yourself: doing some gymnastics in the morning in the form of a round of jogging in the park next door, for example, gets your circulation going and up helps perfectly against rings under the eyes in the morning!

The movement stimulates the blood circulation in the tissue. Where you would normally have dark circles, you freshen up the area. The reason: The blood in the thin vessels contains little oxygen, especially after sleep. With the eventful start to the day, your body pumps fresh blood there and fights a source of dark shadows.

Important care tip: If you take a shower after exercising, you should use a gentle, moisturizing facial cleanser and then apply a moisturizer for men (we recommend a combination of the moisture-regulating active ingredients hyaluron and urea). Finally, a lack of moisture is another reason why your skin appears pale, loses elasticity and is therefore more likely to cause dark circles and bags under the eyes.

In our shop you get the gentle Gentle Facial Cleanser and the moisturizing Hydra Defense Cream for facial care. Our Timeshift eye serum provides a real freshness boost. All three developed exclusively for the special demands of male skin!

Don't forget to drink enough and have a healthy breakfast during and after your sporting start! With the replenishment of liquid, you hydrate your body from the inside and thus ensure an additional good circulation. At breakfast, you do yourself a treat with fresh fruit and high-fiber food. There are extra plus points for foods with a high iron content, because they are important for the oxygen content in the blood. On the other hand, you should avoid high-fat foods.

Relaxed at work against dark circles

For many, the morning is the most productive time at work - and probably especially for you if the sports program has activated your brain and your performance. Apart from the good mood!

Our tip: Do not get the most out of your work, set meaningful goals and do not overload yourself unnecessarily, because fatigue is accompanied by dark circles! We want to avoid that, instead we use our energy reserves cleverly. A measure against dark circles would be in this regard if you did not keep your eyes on the screen all the time, but instead directed your eyes to more distant objects, thereby using your muscles around the eyes and stimulating the blood circulation. Optimally, you take a short walk down the hall once an hour - or even better in the fresh air!

At lunchtime, as with breakfast, you should avoid fats and focus on vegetables and foods rich in iron and vitamins. Maybe you even have a cafeteria or nice restaurants nearby that support you with good food against dark circles? Or did you bring something yourself with you?

Incidentally, we find it far from reprehensible to take a short break after lunch! It doesn't have to be the deep sleep caused by the soup coma, but a walk through the park next door is a relaxing measure to give the body rest and the opportunity to regenerate a little. So you not only relax yourself, but also your eyes - and do something about dark circles with little effort.

Cucumber in the evening - in a gin and tonic or on the eyes?

Nothing works after work without the after-work cigarette and a drink with colleagues? Then you have to come to terms with dark circles. Tobacco, alcohol and other drugs look something like you're scribbling under your eyes with a dark gray felt-tip pen.

We could now tell you that the cucumber belongs on the eyes and not in the gin and tonic, because it is a moisturizing agent against dark circles. However, we can use our free time better than with vegetables on our faces.

We believe that the end of the working day is successful if it takes place with good friends and active employment. That can be the round of soccer, a relaxing evening in the cinema or cooking together (again: low-fat, but iron and vegetables!). Alcohol and cigarettes are not necessary for good activities in the evening.

Before you go to bed, facial cleaning and moisturizing against dark circles are important! Because on a day like this your eyes will have experienced a lot - and you shouldn't have to look at that the next day in a negative way. Skin care products for men will help you here: With the Gentle Facial Cleanser you gently remove dirt and bacteria from your skin, then you give it valuable nutrients and moisture with the Hydra Defense face cream that helps you with dark circles. It's that simple.

The advantage of the care products is that they not only help against dark circles or bags under the eyes, but also support the elasticity of the skin and prevent wrinkles thanks to the intensive moisturizing care. Through regular use you will notice the anti-aging effect and you will notice a young and fresh appearance with fewer dark circles.

So: come through the day and #staysober well



Bewertung sober


Außergewöhnlich und klasse.

Bekommen, ausgepackt und sofort getestet; Einfach ein Traum. Ich liebe das Konzept. Super Qualität, eine Creme die genau auf meine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist und dazu sehr ergiebig. Habe schon nach einer Woche erste Verbesserungen gemerkt: Weichere glatte Haut, morgens weniger Knitterfältchen und weniger Pickelchen im Stirnbereich. Danke, werde definitiv wieder bestellen.


Sichtbarer Erfolg

Mein Hautarzt hat mir geraten, mehr für meine reife Haut zu tun. Über das Internet bin ich auf Sober gestoßen. Seit 2 Monaten benutze ich die Hydra Defence Gesichtscreme. Mit Erfolg! Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Danke!


Hochwertige Ware

Timeshift Anti-Aging Serum - Ein tolles Produkt zur täglichen Hautpflege. Das Serum hat einen angenehmen Geruch, vielleicht durch den Grünteeextrakt der dort enthalten ist. Ich habe es täglich aufgetragen und es fühlt sich sehr angenehm auf der Haut an. Tolles Produkt und gerne wieder..


Best facewash I have ever used

Risking to sound too overexcited, this is really the best i've tried! My skin feels very soft already after the first use, and the effect never disappoints. Redness has considerably improved; pores, too. Additionally to daily cleaning, once a week i leave it on my skin for some minutes, and i can feel a good but gentle peeling effect. Simply everything is nice about it, including packaging, look, smell etc. One small space for improvement: the dispenser sometimes chokes or gives out very little, but it recovers after another push.


Begleitet meinen Alltag

Top Produkte zu einem fairen Preis, wenn man Menge und Individualität mit einbezieht. Schön das natürliche Inhaltsstoffe verwendet werden. Lieferung ging fix, Beratung war super und sehr freundlich. Definitiv empfehlenswert.