by Philipp Roth

Against dark circles: Build this anti-aging care into your daily routine.

Nobody wants to look so tired that everyone assumes they are at the...
Gegen Augenringe: Baue diese Anti-Aging Pflege in deine Tagesroutine ein.

Nobody wants to look so tired that everyone assumes they are at their limit. We want to enjoy life, be in a good mood and easy-going and everyone should be allowed to see us! What doesn't help are dark circles. We'll show you our tips for an ideal daily routine, with which we ensure a fresh look WITHOUT dark shadows under the eyes.. 

What you should know in advance: Dark circles are related to how you move, eat and care for, as well as the question of how much rest you allow yourself and which toxins you usenot take to you. So far nothing new. However, you will know the problem that, like us, you pay too little attention to yourself in hectic everyday life. So what we need is a plan for a feasible, enjoyable daily program with which we can remove the dark circles. 

In this article we will introduce you to a routine that has another advantage: It not only prevents dark circles, but also reduces the formation of bags under the eyes; So the swollen areas below the eye area. Because: by strengthening the connective tissue below the eyes, we counter the hanging bags with an effective means. Here we go!

You can already do something against dark circles in the morning

When do you usually get up At seven or eight What if you get up half an hour earlier (or start working half an hour later) and do something good for your skin and yourself: some fitness in the morning in the form of a jog in the The park next door, for example, gets your circulation going and helps against circles under the eyes in the morning!n!

The movement stimulates the blood circulation in the tissue. You freshen up the area where you would normally have dark circles. The reason: the blood in the thin vessels contains little oxygen, especially after sleep. With the lively start to the day, your body pumps fresh blood there and fights a source of dark shadows.

Important care tip: If you shower after exercising, you should use a gentle, moisturizing facial cleanser and then a moisturizing cream (we recommend a combination of the moisture-regulatingActive ingredients hyaluronic acid and urea). After all, a lack of moisture is another reason why your skin appears pale, loses elasticity and is therefore more prone to dark circles and bags under the eyes.

In our shop you get the gentle one for facial careGentle Facial Cleanser and the moisturizingHydra Defense Cream. Our timeshift ensures a real freshness boostEye serum as well as oursAnti aging cream called Youth Infusion Cream.

During and after the start of the sport, don't forget to drink enough and have a healthy breakfast! The replenishment of liquid hydrates your body from the inside and thus ensures an additional good blood circulation. At breakfast you are doing yourself something good with fresh fruit and high-fiber food. There are extra plus points for foods with a high iron content, because they are important for the oxygen content in the blood. On the other hand, you should avoid high-fat foods.

Relaxed when working against dark circles under the eyes

For many people, the morning is the most productive time at work and probably especially for you if your brain and your performance have been activated with the exercise program. Apart from the good mood!!

Our tip: Do not fully exhaust yourself at work, set yourself sensible goals and do not overload yourself unnecessarily, because tiredness goes hand in hand with dark circles! We want to avoid that, instead we use our energy reserves cleverly. A measure against dark circles in this regard would be if you did not keep your eyes on the screen, but from time to time direct your eyes to distant objects, thereby using your muscles around the eyes and stimulating the blood circulation. Ideally, you should take a short walk across the hallway once an hour or, better still, in the fresh air!!

At lunch, as at breakfast, you should also avoid fats and focus on vegetables and foods rich in iron and vitamins. Perhaps you even have a canteen or nice restaurants nearby that support you with good food against dark circles, or you have brought your own somethingcht?

Incidentally, we find it anything but reprehensible to take a short break after lunch! It doesn't have to be the deep sleep triggered by the soup coma, but a walk through the park next door is a relaxing measure to give the body rest and the opportunity to regenerate a little. So you not only relax yourself, but also your eyes and do something against dark circles with little effort..

Cucumber in the evening in a gin and tonic or on the eyesn?

Nothing works after work without the after-work cigarette and a drink with colleagues. Then you also have to put up with dark circles. Tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs act as if you were scribbling around under your eyes with a dark gray felt pen..

We could tell you now that the cucumber belongs on the eyes and not in the gin and tonic, because it is a moisturizing agent against dark circles. However, we can make better use of our free time than with vegetables on our faces.

We believe that after work is a success if it takes place with good friends and an active occupation. This can be a run in the park, a relaxed evening in the cinema or cooking together (again: low in fat, but iron and vegetables!). Alcohol and cigarettes are not necessary for good evening activities.

Before you go to bed, face cleaning and moisturizing against dark circles are important! Because on a day like this your eyes will have experienced a lot and you shouldn't have to look at it in a negative way the next day. Skin care products can help you here: With the Gentle Facial Cleanser you gently remove dirt and bacteria from your skin, then you donate valuable nutrients and moisture with theHydra Defense face creamthat helps you with dark circles. It's that simple.

The advantage of the care products is that they not only help against dark circles or bags under the eyes, but also support the elasticity of the skin and prevent wrinkles through the intensive moisturizing care. With regular use, you will notice the anti-aging effect and you will see a young and fresh look with fewer dark circles.

So: get through the day safely and #TreatYourself


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