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The alternative to facial oil:Why beard oil can also be used for the face

The shelves in the shops are full of a selection of care oils for hands, feet, massages, hair and also for the face and beard. For the latter, the following applies: in many cases you can also use your beard oil on your face! We'll tell you why.. 

Before we get to the answer, we have to ask what facial oil is good for:

Good for Smooth, Soft Skin: What You Need to Know About Face Oil

Oil on the face sounds strange at first, because we actually want to avoid oily skin. The fact is: there are a number of factors in favor of care for the face oil!

  • It does thatSkin soft and supple.
  • Face oil helps the skin protect itself. The oilsupports the skin's own protective barrierthat protects our skin from drying out and environmental influences as well as harmful substances. Oil thus makes an important contribution to protecting against wrinkles.
  • Face oil is also pleasant on the lips andprotect against drought.
  • Straighteven with oily skin Facial oil has a positive effect: it reduces sebum production by signaling to the skin that it is adequately supplied with fats. Because of this, the sebum glands work less.

The dosage of a facial oil depends a little on the respective recipe, but the following applies: Only small dosages, after all, your face should neither bathe in oil nor shine excessively.

Basically, we recommend for facial care onlyProducts with high quality oils deploy. The benefits of oils for the skin depend heavily on special ingredients such as vitamins and acids. That is why good cosmetic manufacturers do not rely on cheap oils, but on quality oils such as argan, jojoba and avocado oils.

The absolute knockout criterion for a face oil would be if itharmful additives such as silicone, parabens, artificial fragrances or other pathogenic substances.

If these conditions also apply to your beard oil, you can even use it on your face in many cases:

Double commitment for your care: Why beard oil is also good for the face

A good beard oil makes the beard soft and combable, reduces itching and conveys a pleasant scent: the oil surrounds the beard hair, rounds it off, making it easier to comb and smoother.The effect of the oil unfolds not only on the beard:

When you apply the oil to your beard, it is inevitable that the beard oil will come into contact with your skin. After all, the skin is the soil for the hair roots. For this reason, an oil for the beard must automatically be caring for the face.

The differences between beard and face oils are also minimal: Face oils could bring certain care and nutrients as a bonus that are not absolutely necessary for the beard. But as I said, this is just a bonus:

Nourishing oil is nourishing oil.

Which beard oils are also suitable as face oils?

In terms of ingredients, skin and beard oil are almost one and the same: You can safely use your beard oil on your facial skin and vice versa. As with face oil, the only conditions are: 

Pay attention to high-quality oils, stay away from harmful ingredients.

That's why you use beard oil like this on your face Beard Oil No. 1  from sobercan use: It cares for your beard perfectly and supports the skin just as well. It becomes softer and is better protected from drying out and wrinkles.

So give it a try and apply a little bit of your beard oil to your face. A few minutes later you will notice that your skin feels better and that it has the distinctive fresh scent of your beard oil.



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