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Dermatologically tested:A matter of course for skin care

We recently dermatologically tested our products for their skin tol...
dermatalogisch getestet

We recently dermatologically tested our products for their skin tolerance by an independent institute. Result: very good. But what does that mean exactlyu? 

With so many labeling frauds, it is absolutely important that you critically question what certain labels really mean:

There are enough cosmetics manufacturers: inside who use different terms and seals to better sell their products. And that doesn't always say something about the actual quality.

Let us take the expression that has been tried and tested in clinics as an example. A particular brand used this term to better sell care wipes. The statement is based, howevers not on tests or judgments by an experienced clinician or an independent testing laboratory. Instead, the brand uses this term on the very frugal justification that, according to their statistics, more than half of all maternity and pediatric hospitals buy this product.

There is nothing more to it than that. Unfortunately.

So in the end, it's all just marketing 

We cannot dismiss the fact that products sell better if they carry a label, as has been proven in clinics. With such names it is important to take the matter very literally and to look very carefully.. 

What does dermatologically tested”? 

First of all, dermatologically tested does not necessarily mean more than that a dermatologist: was present for a test. The only thing is, unfortunately, what kind of test was carried out, how the test went and what the result wasr not regulated.

According toEU regulation To regulate advertising messages for cosmetic products, consumers must at least not be misled. And after oneJudgment of the European Court of Justice there is the admission that normal consumers can at least expect that the test was successful and that no skin irritation occurred.. 

Nevertheless: not all tests are the same.

Anyone who tests the skin tolerance of cosmetic products can have different intentions. On the one hand, there are cosmetics producers who want to sell their products at a profit and therefore want to print a dermatologically tested product on the packaging.. 

Strictly speaking, it is enough for the company to pay a: n Dermatolog: in to test the product. In our opinion, it is therefore appropriate to question or doubt the independence of this person.During an investigation, Ökotest showed A few years ago also that the people behind the tests are differently willing to provide information.

We think: Anyone who does not make their quality tests sufficiently transparent makes themselves questionable.

So are there any good skin tolerance tests? 

In contrast, Dr. Voss from Dermatest, an independent and respected institute from Münster that has been carrying out skin tolerance tests on cosmetic products for over 40 years.

Among other things, Dermatest also offers so-calledPatch tests at. For this test, we took a closer look at the products at sober :

Patch test: How does a dermatological test work at Dermatest? 

The epicutaneous test, also known as a patch test, is a procedure in which the skin is exposed to a preparation, i.e. the cosmetic product, for a longer period of time. The undiluted test substance is used for thisr epicutaneous applied, i.e. on the skin.

In this way, the testers determine whether there is a contact allergy or late allergy. Or, in short, whether the product is kind to the skin.

How does the patch test work? 

For a patch test, Dermatest uses 30 test subjects (male and female) who have different skin types. According to Dr. Voss, by the way, 18 test persons are statistically sufficient for such a test. The test substance is applied to the skin of the test subject and covered with a plaster so that the skin can absorb the substance completely and the effect unfolds as intensively as possible. In addition, the preparation cannot be lost over a longer period of time. Because:

The test subjects wear the test substance for a total of 3 days without washing it off.

The dermatologists at the test institute examine the skin every 24 hours. So the first time after 24, then 48 and finally 72 hours. Only if the product passes the test can it end up being dermatologically tested and bear the Dermatest seal.. 

The Dermatest seal is a specialist medical certificate that confirms the skin tolerance of a cosmetic product.

How do sober products sober in the dermatological test? 

We were convinced by Dermatest's approach and we wanted to have an official and independent opinion that sober is good for you and your skin. That is why we have had our products examined by a specialist at Dermatest. And thatHydra Defense Cream, theTimeshift serum, theGentle Facial Cleanser and theYouth Infusion Cream.

Verdict: very good!

This is good from a marketing point of view, because we can now call these products dermatologically tested and have Dermatest's report and permission to carry the recognized quality seal.. 

What is more important for us, however, is that we now have independent and expert confirmation that none of the products caused toxic-irritative intolerance reactions in the test subjects.

Admittedly, this did not surprise us, after all, we generally do not use any ingredients whose effects on the skin are poor or unexplained.

Nevertheless: It is good to know that this has now been officially confirmed.

Trust is good, but control is always better. #TreatYouself


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