by Philipp Roth

Beer, sex and hand washing: 3 tips on how your skin stays healthy even during Corona

Wash your hands all the time, crouch at home and celebrate at Skyp...
Hände pflegen bei Corona

Wash your hands all the time, crouch at home and celebrate at Skype parties. Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that we would start spring like this? The corona virus has an enormous impact on our everyday life and our leisure time plans, but also on our skin: We tell you why you have to take care of your skin right now and how.

It is true: we have to do without a lot because the situation is very serious. Those who carry on as before do not only endanger the Covid 19 risk groups, but also contribute to the further spread of the coronavirus and thus to the catastrophic overloading of the health system.

We don't want that.

So we protect our loved ones by giving up. On the beautiful things of our everyday life and our free time: our friends, dates, sex, picnics in the park and one or the other party. Instead, we stay in our four walls, wash our hands, only go outside for the bare essentials and don't do much.

The consequences of Corona not only affect our everyday life, but also our skin. Follow three simple tips to look as young and fresh as ever after #stayathome or #WirBleibenZuhause :

1. You wash yourself more, so cream yourself well

We wash and disinfect our hands to destroy viruses. You will have noticed: Your hands are dry like sandpaper. The solution is (literally) obvious: Use the right soap without surfactants and a hand cream.

But it is not only the hands that suffer from the wrong soap: because we continue to touch our face illegally with our hands (which was also recommended before Corona), we tend to wash our face more often and get rid of viruses .

Unfortunately, this also leads to dry skin: inflammation, pimples and especially wrinkles are the result.

Therefore: Pay attention to the correct facial care.

This means that you should use a gentle facial cleanser and a highly effective, moisturizing face cream. Urea is one of the effective miracle substances that give the skin extra moisture. You should not only have this substance in your hand cream, but also in your face moisturizer.

But it is not just about urea that counts, but also about the right recipe: nutrients, vitamins and valuable oils are part of good skin care. With a clear conscience, we therefore recommend the Gentle Facial Cleanser for facial cleansing and, as a facial cream for men, the Hydra Defense Cream for subsequent care.

2. You are much more at home, do more sport

The gyms have to close, as do the swimming pools and sports clubs. The sports program as we know it is gone. At the same time, we rather sit in the booth, watch TV or sit at the desk.

Let us not fool ourselves: we are coming out of the crisis stronger - some around the hips, some on the muscles.

As you know, sport is not only the means to a fit and well-built body, but also to healthy skin: sport makes you young and beautiful .

After all, you don't have to do without sport because of Corona and endanger your young skin:

  • There is currently a plethora of videos and guides on how to do sports at home . Some gyms and sports clubs even support their members with really good content for home sports during the break.
  • You can of course continue to walk or ride a bike to move around. Also running is just more popular than ever, because that continues and is perfect for spring.
  • Sex with yourself or your better half is of course also possible. After all, it is also movement that you can make into sport.

In short: Make sure you take advantage of all the options and offers to keep yourself fit. Not only for a healthy body, but also for your psyche and young and fresh skin.

3. You eat and party alone, do it right

As a result of the hamster purchases, there were notes on the supermarket shelves that only allowed limited quantities per person for products such as toilet paper, pasta, beer, flour, and sugar.

What does that tell us?

First: there are some people who have behaved very unsolidarely and triggered these panic purchases.

Second, for many, the diet consists of pasta, sugar, and beer - and toilet paper.

Sure, it sounds tempting to encapsulate yourself at home and netflixen with candy, beer and pasta through the weeks of isolation. The social contacts are then there with beer and wine on Skype with the buddies. "Go to Skype" some say already supposedly. Funny.

Less funny: This diet and lifestyle is poison for the skin.

With the one-sided supply of unhealthy nutrients plus the harmful alcohol, you risk not only a questionable lifestyle, but also pimples, blackheads, skin infections and dry skin.

You should now pay attention to a diet that is good for you, your psyche and your skin. This also includes fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes as well as fish, lettuce and high-quality cereals. Always plenty of water anyway.

And of course it is right and good if you meet your friends on Skype and have a beer. We recommend: Enjoy the alcohol in moderation.

You know that healthy skin and healthy nutrition are closely related. Don't forget that, even in these difficult times.

Stay relaxed, but don't let everything hang

There are some people who are cranking up and overworking to continue as much as possible. Ever higher, faster, further. Perhaps the corona crisis is also good for some of us to shift down a gear. To let five be straight again. And yes, to lie on the couch an hour more.

Don't forget to do the things that are good for you. Sufficient exercise, a healthy diet and good skin care are part of this if you want to be the young at heart after the crisis.

Take care of yourself and others, #stayathome and especially: #staysober.


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