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Berlin style: A look at the fashionable trends of the city

Berlin is by far not only one of the most famous cities in Europe,...
Berlin modische Trends

Berlin is by far not only one of the most famous cities in Europe, it is also a paradise for everyone who loves fashion. The outfits that you encounter here on the streets reflect the incredible diversity of the city - a great source of inspiration. There is therefore no particular Berlin style. Through fashion enthusiasts or influenced by different subcultures, new trends are constantly being developed here, not least thanks to actors, stars and influencers.

The "typical" style of the city

If you walk through Berlin with your eyes open, you will quickly see that there is a lot of experimentation going on in fashion. The city attaches great importance to being known for its liberal lifestyle. It is not only since the capital has held its own fashion week that the fashion scene has grown significantly. The special atmosphere has attracted many fashion-loving people to the city, countless small labels have been created and in general many simply appreciate the freedom to let off steam in fashion.

Exceptional outfits are part of everyday life on the street. What would otherwise cause astonished looks or nasal bumps is normal here.  

A look back

If there could be a typical “Berlin style”, then you have to take a look back at the beginnings of techno culture, which was significantly shaped in the capital. For many, creative and unusual outfits were inseparable from the lifestyle within the scene.

The underground clubs carried special trends such as neon colors, platform shoes and bell bottoms, plastic or teddy fur garments and many other elements at the latest with the pictures of public rave events around the world and some of them found their way into everyday fashion.  

Along with the music, the scene and the associated fashion have also developed. It has become even more diverse and diverse in Berlin. One point has also changed: While individual subcultures were initially more clearly differentiated by specific outfits and styles, this is less clear today.

Many peculiarities quickly find their way into everyday fashion; everyone freely uses certain elements and incorporates them into their own style. Instead of a fashionable statement as an expression of belonging to a special subculture, the expression of one's own individuality is much more in focus today.   

Athleisure in everyday fashion

The athleisure look is also part of the trend that is visible everywhere today and counts as a typical street style. The jogging pants - for a long time decreed by Pope Lagerfeld as an absolute no-go - are now considered to be absolutely suitable for everyday use. The details matter, of course, because the trendy parts don't have much in common with the sloppy look from the couch. The right cut and the right materials make the decisive difference.

Thus, not only hoodies and sweatpants, but also entire tracksuits have become socially acceptable. Different brands focus in this area and create their entire collection in athleisure style. If you want to know which brands are currently the most popular, you can also get inspiration from well-known stars and actors . Series like 4 Blocks don't just play in Berlin, they also reflect the city's fashion trends.    

Sneakers, which must not be missing in the perfect outfit, are of course inextricably linked to the athleisure look. In addition to the well-known sports brands such as Nike and adidas, there are always smaller brands in this area that attract attention with special models. In addition, there are always retro models for the sneakers, which celebrate a revival in their original versions, sometimes as a new edition in special colors.

Berliners have a penchant for vintage

While the famous “Parisian chic” is widely available or the Italians are said to have a particular sense of fashion, such a general statement for the “typical” Berlin style is more difficult.

Nevertheless, there may be one element that has a special weight here: vintage fashion. It is undisputed that there is an extensive second-hand culture in the capital, which is not only evident in a large number of specialized shops, but also in the countless flea markets. To upgrade his wardrobe with a special one-off, these are the perfect place to go.

A special style that is inevitably associated with Berlin again and again is the shabby chic look or the combination of sticks with individual vintage pieces.

Trendy hair trends

And finally, the hair should not be left out when styling. As far as this area is concerned, Berlin is also very diverse and individuality plays a major role here on men's heads. A strong styling with accurate cuts can be seen here on the one hand as well as the trend towards naturalness with longer sections of hair or a natural coloring and looks as if they just fell out of bed.

Something similar also applies to the beard. So on the street you can find both trendy styles as a clear commitment to the beard , and the exact opposite: smooth-shaven cheeks are also trendy again for men.


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