5 Steps: Die perfekte Morgenroutine für den gepflegten Mann

5 steps:The perfect morning routine for a well-groomed appearance

Tomorrow. It's still early, so don't expect big words now. Before we show you what has to happen in the bathroom so that we look better than we feel at this time: first coffee.


Let's go.

The philosophy behind a good morning routine isn't primarily to dress up. Don't expect make-up tips here: We want to start the day in a good mood and with good intentions. Because we want this new day to be better than any other before. We want to be fresh, radiate self-confidence and feel good in our skin. In short: we want to be ourselves and ready for everything.n.

Let's get ready to go five steps.

Step 1: the shower

We don't have to explain to you how to take a shower properly. But a few important pointers don't hurt:

  • TheWater temperature shouldn't be too hot. Otherwise you will dry out your skin; and dry skin is prone to wrinkles. Use your wrist, not your fingers, to check that the temperature is appropriate.
  • IfShower gel, shower oil or shower cream: All of them serve their purpose, namely to cleanse your body. The only decision criterion is initially which consistency you prefer. However: You could try shower oil if your skin is particularly dry or if you shower more often than others, for example because you do more sport..
  • At theLathering you shouldn't have a foam party. First rinse off the coarse dirt from your body and then continue working with a not too large amount of shower gel. Are you using too much or the wrong oneSoap, you remove important oils from your skin, which further dehydrates your skin.
  • Yourshair you don't necessarily have to wash all the time. Better every second than every day. Some shower gels have an integrated shampoo, so there isn't much to complain about at first if you don't have any problems with oily hair, scalp or dandruff. When in doubt, however, it doesn't hurt to use a shampoo that is specially tailored to your needs.
  • Do you come without it after drying offHairdryerfrom perfect! The hot air is not so good for your hair and skin. Otherwise, don't set the temperature too high and blow dry patiently and with a distance from your head..

Step 2: the shave

For men and women, a shave is about two things. Firstly, it should be thorough and, secondly, it should not cause skin irritation. Because the more you shave your skin, the more skin injuries and razor bumps you get. A fresh look is different.

Shaving properly is like an art! We explain how you go about a good shavein this post. The most important points are summarized here:

  • If you shave after the shower, you have a decisive advantage: You have yoursHair soaked. This will make shaving easier. If you are very careful when shaving your face, you can also place a damp, warm cloth on your face for one to two minutes. This will make the whiskers softer and ready to be cut.
  • Bring your skin and hair Shaving brush and shaving cream or shaving soapin front. It is best to take mild products that are suitable for sensitive skin and provide moisture.
  • Is theRazor blade really sharp? Better to use a fresh one, because as soon as the blade is just a little blunt, you'll tear your skin open. Ideally, you should use a safety razor instead of a system razor: it works safely, is reliable and also has a better price!
    Tip: USER the razor of sober with the super sharp razor blades. You get bothhere in the shop.
  • You absolutely want to avoid inflammation. Therefore: shave with thatDirection of growth of the hair and not against the grain.
  • Those who apply pressure cause micro injuries. When shaving, you should be completely relaxed with the bladeslide over the skin.
  • To thegraduation You wash your skin with cold water and remove the last remaining soap residue. With the face in particular, the following applies: Use anourishing aftershavethat is good for your skin. Take a close look at the ingredients: We have some popular aftershavescompared here for you.

Step 3: facial care

The face is the indicator of how fresh you really are. Especiallyeye bags do you no favor. That's why you help with the right oneFacial care Your skin on the jumps: You give it the necessary nutrients, donate moisture and put an occlusive cell protection on it. Three important points so that your face starts the day well and stays fresh.

It won't surprise you: We have formulated our Hydra Defense Cream precisely in such a way that it perfectly nourishes your sensitive facial skin for the day and supports anti-aging. You get the cream insober shop.

The application is very easy. With gentle circular movements you apply a small amount of the cream to the skin of your face on the cheeks, forehead and around the eyes. The moisturizing ingredients plump up your skin, help against wrinkles and ensure a clear complexion..

Step 4: deodorant and perfume

A question of taste You are sure to have your favorite deodorant and cologne. For the sake of skin care and style, we pay attention to three things::

  1. Whether spray or roll-on: Thatdeodorant should maintain 24 hours and do without aluminum.
  2. ThePerfume may smell pleasant, but should not be intrusive. And it has to suit you. If necessary, seek advice from good friends.
  3. Less is more: You don't want to be a running cloud of vapor and annoy others olfactory.

Step 5: the home stretch

Now it comes down to the last scrutiny:

  • Is your hair lying well or do you want to help with subtle styling?
  • Are the fingernails clean and cut short?
  • Look hair out of your nose and want to be trimmed?

That's it!!

Do you feel well ready for the day Then go: be exactly the person you want to be and as always: #staysober!r!


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