5 Gründe, warum der Rasierhobel einfach der Bessere Nassrasierer ist

5 reasons why the safety razor is simply the better wet razor

We say it openly and proudly: We plan! Several times a week. On the face, on the chest, some also in the genital area. If you previously thought that a system razor was sufficient for a good wet shave and for a body shave and was also safer, you cut yourself: it is not for nothing that the safety razor is also called a safety razor.

As with any tool, after a little practice you will be absolutely safe to use. Be careful at the start as you would with any other razor and the plane with a closed comb is at least as safe as your system razor.

But: Why switch to a safety razor at all?

1. The safety razor shaves simply and excellently

System razors may be standard these days, but that has to do with more lengthy and successful marketing strategies from manufacturers. The truth is: a safety razor is not just enough, it even gives you a much better shaving result!

Ask around in the circle of friends, look around in Internet forums: Everywhere men rave about a smoother wet shave!

Why can't the system razor (from Gillette, Wilkinson or even more marketing packaged by Boldking, Shave-Lab or Mornin 'Glory) keep up? If you pay attention to good razor blades when planing, they are not only sharper, but also more precise than the small, narrow butter knives on a system razor.

The result is a super smooth skin (keyword: baby bum!) And thanks to the precision, perfect contours succeed in cutlets or on the beard base.

2. The hair removal is gentler on the skin

The 1990s are not known for producing the best cultural things. Is it a coincidence that the race for most blades in the razor head has also started in this decade?

The best system shavers do not keep the promise of a better shave. In return, they cause considerable skin irritation - especially with sensitive skin. The reason: shaving is always a mechanical strain on your skin - no matter how gentle you are. Have you ever realized that you can run up to five blades across your skin several times with a system razor? A safety razor creates a better result with just one blade.

Why would you voluntarily do five times as much damage to your skin? Just because a soccer player used a system razor for facial shaving in advertising?

3. According to Adam Riese, system razors are unnecessarily expensive

Even if Adam wore a full beard, he must have pulled his hair out of the calculation result.

Because: The razor heads on system razors are designed for wear. And that triggers a real money problem if a branded pack with four 5-blade blades costs more than 10 euros. If you use a razor blade (also known as Mach3®, Mach3 Turbo® or Fusion®) as recommended up to 12 times, you will get 48 shaves - around 20 cents per shave.

This is almost seven times more expensive than the traditional safety razor because razor blades like those from sober cost significantly less: You can get five Astra razor blades (Superior Platinum ) for just over two euros. The blades are double-edged, which means: If one side is too blunt for a clean shave, you can continue with the other side. One razor blade is enough for about 15 shaves, a whole 5-pack for 75 - about 3 cents per shave.

4. Honestly: wet shaving with a plane is more authentic

When is the time actually reached that the razor heads of the system razors with ten, twenty or thirty blades irritate your skin? The message is: a lot helps a lot. But that's nonsense - not to mention that the razors will eventually look like a slatted blind.

When you think about it, system razors leave a pretty silly impression. We at a time when we should finally think of a good style again. For us this means: a real and honest shave with one blade and no frills.

And that brings us to the fifth argument:

5. Safety razors are practical and environmentally friendly

You know it: If you use a system or disposable razor, the small hairs clog the blades. Cleaning them is like torture, you feel like you have been eternally washing away the persistent stubble. In the end, the blade quickly gets stale and ends up in the trash. Congratulations: Not only did you throw away a lot of money, you also produced plastic waste that you could have avoided.

The simple yet effective design makes the safety razor easy to rinse and clean. A safety razor consists of only a few components and can be quickly dismantled. The components are the blade holder, the blade cover and the handle. That's it. A reasonable razor doesn't need more.

Even more: If you want to buy a safety razor and pay attention to good quality, you will enjoy it your whole life - some men even pass on their safety razor. The only spare part you need to buy is the razor blade.

Less wear, no plastic, less waste. In short: a safety razor is a clean and environmentally friendly solution for hair removal.

Convince yourself of a good (!) Safety razor

No sensible manufacturer of safety razors relies on plastic: the material is imprecise, quickly becomes scruffy and deforms sooner or later. It's just not made to last. With good reason we use stainless steel for our safety razor ! Not only can it be cleaned excellently, it is robust, timeless, stylish and lasts a lifetime.

When buying, also make sure that the razor is not too light and too small: it should be noticeable and feel good in the hand, it must be ergonomic and well balanced. Our matt black planer with 12 cm length and 116 g weight fulfills these requirements perfectly! Thanks to the closed comb, it is made for regular shaving and is safer than a razor with an open comb.

If you are serious and plan to switch to planing, make sure you have the right accessories. This includes sharp razor blades , a light and stable shaving brush and care after shaving .

We are certain: Like all other men, you will enjoy planing - and by the way, always a perfect gift idea for men!

Until then, #staysober