3 strategische Schritte für reine Haut: So gehst Du effektiv gegen Pickel und Mitesser vor

3 strategic steps for clean skin: This is how you effectively combat pimples and blackheads

Have you ever counted how often you look at yourself in the mirror 5 times a day? Or, in truth, you do it 20, 30 or 50 times. You can admit it: just like us, you are a little vain and impurities have nothing on your skin lost. So how do we get a clean complexion without blackheads and pimpleskel?

How do blackheads and pimples develop??

You will usually find blackheads on your nose and forehead, i.e. in the area that marks the T-zone. Here, blackheads are created by increased sebum production: glands produce a mixture of sebum, horny cells, melanin and other substances in the pores. If production increases excessively, the previously closed pores burst open. The melanin oxidizes in the air and turns black. That is why we also speak of blackheads as blackheads.

If the blackhead catches fire afterwards, it turns into an unappetizing pimple. Here is the difference between blackheads and pimples:

Pimples blackhead inflammationng

If pimples are the result of an inflamed blackhead, it becomes clear: we have to tackle the problem at the root and fight blackheads like inflammation centers!

Step 1. Fight blackheads with simple home remedies

Even with a balanced diet, we can prevent excessive sebum production and therefore blackheads have fewer chances: If you should be able to do without animal fats, sugar and alcohol, you are already an important step towards clean skin. A healthy diet requires that you eat lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains instead. In addition, you should always drink plenty of water so that your body has plenty of fluids.t. 

But what if the blackheads are already there?

In our magazine we present three simple home remedies that you can usefight blackheads can:

  1. Facial steam bath: With steam you open the pores so that the sebum can come out.
  2. Soda mask: The soda removes dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt, which are also responsible for the blackheads.
  3. Citric acid: Mix it with a little sugar to create an exfoliating scrub with which you can cleanse and disinfect to the pores.

As for the use of your hands against blackheads: You should always be very careful when removing blackheads manually. Be aware that such interventions put a physical strain on your skin and can cause inflammation, which in turn can become pimples. With professional help you are on the safer side.

Step 2. Prevent inflammation through clean skin

You may remember the time around the last salary negotiation when you found a pimple at the most inappropriate time. This is not unusual, because: Stress and stressful situations cause pimples. If your immune system is not quite up to scratch due to psychological pressure, this is reflected on your skin. Therefore, on the one hand, you should go through life in a relaxed manner in order to lead a life that is as free of spots as possible. And on the other hand:

Without body care for men you are powerless in the fight against pimples. Why impurities in the form of fat, dirt and bacteria promote inflammation on the skin. Shaving pimples on the face or intimate area are among the most well-known skin disorders that we know from impurities..

Water alone is not enough for good personal hygiene, so you can only remove coarse dirt. In order to avoid inflammation pimples, you have to use a facial cleanser that helps you to remove bacteria, fats and dirt particles from the skin. When choosing the cleanser, pay attention to products that are mild and do not dry out your skin. Because your skin is too dry, you only provoke blackheads and we know where that leads.t.

At sober , we have given a lot of thought to what a perfect facial sober for men should look like that will produce noticeable resultswithoutto dry out. After all, we have the under scientific leadershipGentle Facial Cleanser developed: It cleans intensively with kaolin sludge and activated carbon; and replenishes with the moisturizing and anti-irritant red algae extract. Because it is so mild, it is suitable for all skin types.

Step 3. Restore the skin's own protective film

You have to consider one important thing with every facial cleansing: With it you remove not only impurities but also the natural protective film of your skin. You want to rebuild it!

In order to restore the skin's own barrier, you rely on moisturizing care specially made for men's skin like thatHydra Defense Cream: With it you give your skin important nutrients for regeneration and form a natural, antibacterial protective layer.

Good luck on the way to clean skin! #staysober