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How to use perfume properly without fogging yourself (and others)

Don't wear it too thick: it's just bad style to over-perfume yourse...
Wie Du Männer Parfüm richtig verwendest ohne Dich (und andere) einzunebeln

Don't wear it too thick: it's just bad style to over-perfume yourself. How much is not only related to how often and what you dust yourself with, but also where. We have the most important information for you, so that you smell good in style and do not cause any unpleasant smells for your poor people..

One thing in advance: With a long-lasting men's perfume or women's perfume you will not reach a certain personbutcan smell. This is due to the fact that the individual body odor of a person is a very personal mixture of odor molecules, which is related to the genetic makeup: The human leukocyte antigen peptides HLA peptides express our genetic profile and our olfactory receptors in turn react specifically to them Pheromones. This is helpful for choosing a partner, in everyday life it will continue to cause some people to wind up their noses. The good news is that a perfume can superficially mask its own odor compared to HLA receptors, but it will not be able to hide what lies below.t.

Incidentally, we hardly notice our own smell, if at all: our brain kindly blocks out the smells that accompany us all the time. First and foremost, our very own smell, but potentially also the eau de parfum that we use every day. So we come to the first challenge when we use perfume: We are less aware of certain scent levels in ourselves.

Head, heart and base: this is how perfume is structured

Good perfumeries don't just mix up any scents, but compose high-quality works. An exquisite fragrance arrangement orchestrates top, heart and base notes into a harmonious work:

  • TheTop noteis the smell that we first notice when we apply a perfume. It is the most intense of all scent levels, but also the most fleeting! It disappears after a few minutes. Perfumers often use citrus aromas and gentle floral aromas for the top note.
  • TheHeart noteis the fragrance that arises afterwards, which defines the essence of a perfume, after all, its proportion makes up 50 to 80 percent of the perfume. The heart note keeps its smell much longer than the top note and ideally builds a bridge between the top and base notes. The following are good for this: grapefruit, labdanum, cedar or bay leaf and jasmine.
  • TheBase notesees itself as the most individual part of a fragrance; namely, their molecules form a connection with the fragrance properties of the skin. And since every person wears a unique combination of scents on their skin, the base note in conjunction with these is always unique! The fragrances of the base note last a particularly long time and can be perceived for many hours. Usually wood and musk aromas are used here.

Due to the composition of top, heart and base notes, perfumes are not only particularly individual; In combination with the smell of each person, the individuality of the fragrance increases in a unique way for a longer period of time, it can be perceived through the base note.

However: if we spray ourselves with a men's or women's perfume, we first perceive the dominant top note. But since this is so fleeting, we quickly get the idea that the perfume has stopped smelling. As a result, we apply more and more, which not only has consequences for the faster dwindling contents of the bottle, but also has an effect on the smell: A strongly dominant cloud of fragrance accompanies us for a long time and leaves heart and base behind.

Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne

When is too much perfume too much? The amount of fragrances to be applied depends on the perfume quality you are dealing with. You will find information on the concentration of the perfume oil in the description of a fragrance type:

  • Eau de Cologne EdCC) has a low concentration of 3 to 5 percent oil. This makes it particularly volatile. Compared to eau de toilette, you can apply it more generously.
  • Eau de Toilette EdTT) has a share of 6 to 9 percent. Concentrations at this level are the most popular on the market. You shouldn't use the EdT as intensively as the EdC.
  • Eau de Parfum EdPP) has a higher proportion of scented oils, namely between 10 and 14 percent. This makes the scent of perfumes more intense and of higher quality, they are considered the best women's and men's fragrances. For this reason, you should also apply an EdP much more sparingly.

Where to apply perfume: chest, neck or back of the knee

Many of us wear scents on our chests out of habit and misbelief. You can do it like that, but it's only half optimal. Because on the one hand you always have the smell under your nose; this has the consequence that your brain fades it out more and you in turn perfume more. On the other hand, the scent on your chest can dissipate faster than on other parts of your body. Because:n:

Perfume is good for warm and pulsating areas of the body, such as the navel, the crook of the arm, the hollow of the knee or the neck. But the hair is also a suitable place: smell sticks to it well and by moving the head a fragrance envelops the body ideally in one delicateCloud, if you don't overdo it with the dosage.

Similar to hair, clothing is also suitable. However, the style can be disputed here if the perfume only serves to cover up the unpleasant smell of a jacket.

The warmth of the body is also related to the time at which you should spray yourself with a scent: After showering or blow-drying is a suitable moment, because your body is still warm and can better radiate the scents.

Fragrance wardrobe for more variety

In order not to get too used to the one smell and to fall into the trap of the fragrance cloud, it is worthwhile to vary your choice of perfume. The prerequisite is of course that the notes in your scented wardrobe suit you well and complement your character..

We have three of the best fragrances in sober for you at sober : WithMercury No. 80, Thorium No. 90 andKrypton No. 36 sober offers three men's fragrances or unisex fragrances which, due to their distinctive, light aromas, accompany you very pleasantly and at the same time characteristically. As an eau de parfum, with a fragrance oil content of 16 percent, they are of higher quality than conventional perfumes and have an excellent composition of aromas.

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Don't apply too thick. And #staysober


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