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Why natural cosmetics are not always the better alternative

An immediately visible effect as well as durability at any price wi...
Naturkosmetik bessere Alternative

An immediately visible effect as well as durability at any price with cheap and mass-produced ingredients was the basic idea of the large cosmetics groups for decades: Beauty for the masses and at a low price.

Even if in the meantime, due to educational work and consumer demand, a partial rethinking of product developers and industry has begun:

Big cosmetics giants advertise organic and natural ingredients as well as good skin tolerance in an appealing alternative green look, but the corresponding ingredients are usually contained in more homeopathic doses, as can be quickly seen from the list of ingredients of the corresponding products: The so-called INCI declaration enables allergy sufferers to Compare the ingredients of cosmetics with the substances entered in your allergy passport.chen.

The conventional cosmetics industry even uses hormonally active substances in a number of products, which are associated with all kinds of side effects, even diseases. Actually, these hormonally active substances are safe in the approved dosage. But critics point out that consumers often do not just use one product, but many and so quickly recommended maximum limits can be exceeded.

In addition, there are highly reactive substances such as azo dyes, formaldehyde releasers or the antioxidants BHT and BHA. How these substances react in combination has often not been researched. The fact that these controversial substances and a number of others are banned in natural cosmetics is a decisive advantage of natural cosmetics.

A well-known cosmetics manufacturer is currently advertising on its Sensitive After Shave Fluid, among other things, with the indication of no dyes on a pack designed in an ecological look with lots of green for a product that is specifically aimed at men. Regardless of the question of what exactly was developed for this product in addition to packaging and smell especially for men's skin, and what colorings are supposed to have lost in an after shave after shave, a look at the list of ingredients reveals something rather daunting: paraffins, silicones, chemicals and substances, which among others are made from components of the oil palm.erden.

The latter are products with a high level of concern for people and the environment: The demand for palm oil is unfortunately increasing rapidly worldwide. This has devastating consequences for biodiversity, the climate and the local population. at Greenpeace). It is ultimately up to you whether you want to apply such a product to the sensitive skin of your face.

Dangers and weaknesses of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are the alternative to dead-preserved cosmetic products of the classic industry with maximum shelf life. Green cosmetics is one of the trending topics of the last few years, but with some restrictions and, from our point of view, disadvantages.den.

In natural cosmetic products, for example, strong and skin-drying alcohols such as benzyl alcohol are often used for preservation, since conventional preservatives and the well-known PEGs are not used, but not every natural cosmetic manufacturer uses a suitable and skin-friendly alternative. So nature is not always automatically gentle on the skin. Haut.

In the case of some natural cosmetics products, dispensing with synthetic preservatives can even lead to an increased bacterial infestation. A result of the restrictions on possible ingredients imposed and desired by various natural cosmetic seals.

In addition, this is in the nature of things, only purely natural active ingredients can be used. Nature has a wide range of excellent substances, which we also use in our products, but there are limits: The caring effect of the creams is not immediately apparent. If silicones make the skin noticeably smooth immediately, natural cosmetics can at best create a short-term effect with oils such as Sqalan.

The best of both worlds: Clean Care cosmetics for men and women

Our Clean Care approach combines the best of both worlds: Gentle preservation without alcohol, the best active ingredients from nature and synthetic ingredients that are proven to be completely skin-friendly and degradable and make our products superior to natural cosmetic alternatives in terms of their effectiveness.

We do without short-term effects and rely on active ingredients that not only provide short-term improvement of the symptoms, but also rely on expensive oils such as the blueberry seed oil, which is antioxidant and as one of the components of the D5 Cell complex – leads to real care and sustainable regeneration of the skin.

Today it is assumed, for example, that vegetable oils are generally preferable to petroleum-based oils in cosmetics. Mineral oils are not bad for our skin per se. But oils from plants, like almond or argan oil, can simply do more than their artificial counterparts:

They not only protect the skin from moisture loss, but also support its natural regeneration. They donate not only fats in the chemical sense to the skin, but also valuable active ingredients such as vitamins or phytosterols.

In addition, many vegetable oils are similar in their composition to natural skin fat. They can therefore be optimally absorbed by the skin and are very well tolerated. This comes at a price. If the active ingredients of conventional cosmetics can sometimes be bought by the kilo for a few euros in wholesale, the blueberry seed oil, along with argan oil, is one of the most expensive oils in the world: the result of the complex manufacturing process and the necessary amount of raw materials. For the production of approx. 2.4 liters of argan oil alone, over 100 kilos of argan nuts are required, the blueberry seed oil is even obtained from the kernels of the small blueberries. In contrast to many other manufacturers, the choice of the best oils ensures an optimal effect and tolerance.

The sober Clean Care concept also has the advantages of conventional natural cosmetics and does not contain any ingredients that are dubious for the environment or human health for optimal skin tolerance and intensive, permanent care.e.

We are specifically geared towards the needs of human skin: It is not the smell or packaging, but the content that is geared towards the specifics of the skin of women and men. All products donate a lot of moisture and hardly grease. None of our products contain petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, silicones, synthetic colors, PEG-based polymers, sodium lauryl sulfate, nitrosamine sources, parabens, glycols, paraffins, diethanolamine DEA, triethanolamine TEA and no polycyanoacrylates.ate.


Natural cosmetic products are not always to be rated as automatically gentle on the skin or as effective, even if the basic approach of moving away from dangerous ingredients and preservatives is extremely welcome.

We are convinced with ourClean Care products To offer not only a gentle, but also particularly powerful alternative to classic and natural cosmetic skin care products, because good skin and a vital appearance begins with gentle, effective care that is tailored to your own skin..

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Be good to yourself and your skin and don't forget: #staysober 


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