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Differences between women's and men's skin:naturally different

Just a few years ago, men could only choose from a small selection,...
Unterschiede von Frauen- und Männerhaut

Just a few years ago, men could only choose from a small selection, if at all, of care and cosmetic products that were offered specifically for them. In the meantime the selection has grown significantly and new products are appearing on the market at an ever faster rate, which does not make the selection easier.t.

Perhaps in this situation it helps to ask a simple question: What is actually specific to men about the products that are sold as skin care products for men and why is there a difference between women and men? answer why men shouldn't use the same grooming products as women.en.

Men's skin is different from women's skin in a few, but very important, aspects and is primarily determined by the hormone testosterone. Men have a higher percentage of collagen and connective tissue in their skin compared to women. Provided that it is properly cared for, men's skin ages later than women's skin. First of all, men's skin is more robust, firmer, and stays longertighter than the skin the woman. On the other hand, men tend to have oily skin and the formation of wrinkles is more pronounced in men.

There are two main differences between the sexes:

1. Hormones regulate the activity of the sebum glands and influence the texture of the skin

Men's skin produces more sebum than women's skin. This consists mainly of fatty acids and triglycerides and is important for protection against pathogens and environmental influences and regulates the moisture balance of the skin. However, with increasing age, the production of this natural protective shield decreases.b.

The production of sebum in the skin is regulated by the female estrogens and the male androgens sex hormones. The top layer of skin remains supple and protected from germs by the fatty sebum. For this reason, men's skin tends to have a large-pored and "greasy" texture, often visible through shiny skin, and pimples often appear.ickel.

The different hormonal balance is responsible, among other things, for the fact that male skin ages more slowly than female skin. It is therefore particularly important for you as a man not to use your partner's products, but instead to rely on products in which, for example, your skin, which is already well "oiled" due to the increased sebum production, does not continue to use the high-fat creams developed for women is over-greased.

2. Collagen fibers make men's skin more robust and give it more stability

Men have fewer fat deposits under their skin than women, although in women these increasingly shrink over time. In the past few years, when you zap through TV or at the latest when visiting a drugstore, you have stuck with a word that is often used to centrally advertise care products for women: collagen..

Collagen is askin-tightening protein and occurs significantly more frequently in male skin than in female skin, so thee Men's skin up to 15-20 thicker. The skin of women feels softer and more delicate not only because of the lack of stubble. Collagen fibers, which act like elastic bands in the skin and support the cells, are networked in men and give men's skin more stability, elasticity and resilience. In women, these fibers run parallel to each other under the skin..

The protective acid mantle of men's skin is also more robust, as it is more stable and supplied with more intensive blood. Men's skin is less sensitive to environmental pollution such as solar radiation or dry air, because its epidermis contains more melanin and therefore tends to have a darker complexion.

Problem area for men: the shave

A lot of body hair is typical for men, especially on the face. There are 5,000 to 30,000 hairs in the beard zone alone. Influenced by the male hormone androgen, body and beard hair are also significantly thicker in men than in women.

On average, a man shaves 16,000 times in his life!

This makes the skin more sensitive and reacts faster. Shaving can cause continuous micro-inflammation and damage to the protective acid mantle of the skin, which significantly accelerates the aging process. If the men's skin is severely horny, the hair grows under the skin and forms small papules: local swelling of the skin occurs. If these are cut open while shaving, germs can penetrate the hair follicle and cause inflammation.

Studies have shown that up to 40 of men's skin problems are caused directly by shaving..

To avoid razor burn, it is also important not to shave against the direction of growth, as this can lead to inflammation of the hair roots and ingrown hairs. Do not apply too much pressure when removing hair with the wet razor and only shave short stretches of 3-5 cm in one go. Replace the razor blades often to avoid injuries.

The right skin care for men and women

It used to be thought that soap and water were sufficient for personal hygiene. Today we know, however, that the vast majority of soaps consist of aggressive surfactants, which wash away skin oils and dry out the skin over time.

If you want to keep a youthful appearance and a fresh charisma and significantly slow down the development of the "signs of the times", you should predominantlymoisturizing care put.

For us, the peculiarities of men's skin were the starting point for the development of new, better care products for men that take their skin peculiarities into account. When choosing suitable products, the focus should not be on the choice of a typically masculine fragrance, but on the selection of suitable vegetable oils, the right moisture protection, and thebest active ingredients for the regeneration of inflamed and stressed men's skin.

If you have any questions or comments about this post,write us gladly.

Enjoy reading and don't forget: #staysober


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