Trockene Haut, Mitesser und Pickel durch Smog? Wie Hautpflege hilft.

Dry skin, blackheads and pimples from smog? How skin care helps.

Do you suffer from dry skin, lack of elasticity, blackheads and / or pimples? The cleanliness of the air has a lot to do with it: air pollution and smog are real skin killers. We explain why and what you can do about it for your skin.

How environmental influences affect your skin

You shouldn't be new to the fact that air pollution is harmful and severely limits your quality of life (cancer, asthma, you name it). What many do not have on the screen: The quality of the air and the amount of pollutants also have a strong impact on your skin!  

We make a fundamental distinction between primary and secondary pollutants. Roughly speaking, the primary ones are the pollution that we cause from industrial emissions, internal combustion engines and air travel, but also from cigarette smoke. The secondary pollutants, such as ozone, arise as a result of the former. We generally refer to the high ozone level near the ground as smog.

The topic is always acute, especially in summer, because the level of pollution is subject to fluctuations in time: in summer it is more aggressive than in winter!

Why is air pollution so problematic for sensitive skin? In two different studies, scientists compared subjects who lived in large cities (that was Mexico City and Beijing) and their rural surroundings. The people who were exposed to more smog had the following characteristics:

  • Drier skin
  • Decrease in vitamin E
  • Increase in oxidized proteins
  • Increased sebum production
  • Skin desquamation disorder

The consequences of these features are wrinkles and tears, poor elasticity and poor self-healing as well as a greater tendency to blackheads and pimples or acne. It can even be life-threatening, as patients in the affected, smoked areas have visited hospitals more often for dermatological diseases.

Pimples from air pollution: free radicals are the culprit

The main reason for the skin problems is that dirty air contains more harmful free radicals. And they do the following:

  • Free radicals drastically lower the levels of vitamin C and E in the skin. If you stay in polluted air for two hours, your vitamin E level can drop by up to 25 percent.
  • They damage the collagen structure of your skin and thus activate skin aging.
  • Free radicals cause squalene (a component of skin sebum) to react chemically to squalene peroxide, which is why you will increasingly suffer from acne.

In addition, the mixture of substances in polluted air also destroys the natural protective layer on your skin. It is therefore less protected against invasive bacteria and more susceptible to inflammation.

Time to act: 3 protective measures for the skin in dirty air

1. Facial cleansing for clean skin:

Regularly, ideally in the morning and evening, you clean your face with a facial cleanser that penetrates deep into the pores. This is how you reliably remove dirt particles from your skin. It is perfect if you use a cleaning product for men that does not dry out your skin unnecessarily - this way you avoid wrinkles.

For intensive facial cleansing, we recommend the Gentle Cleanser from sober: with it you have a particularly mild and effective facial cleanser that knows the needs of men's skin. With kaolin mud and activated carbon, it cleans deep into the pores, removes bacteria and toxins. Facial cleansing with red algae extract also protects against dehydration.

2. Face cream for more moisture:

No matter how mild and perfectly formulated your facial cleanser is, you will give your skin more moisture after cleansing and want to rebuild the protective layer! Because what does a pore-cleaned face do for you if it is attacked again by the dirt particles of the dirty air at the front door?

When choosing your moisturizer, make sure that it forms an occlusive cell protection and supplies your skin with the nutrients it lost through the smog - especially vitamin E. And, as is the case with a face cream, it should provide plenty of moisture. Hardly any active ingredient is better suited for this than urea.

In our opinion, the Hydra Defense Cream is the best moisturizing cream for men and perfect for facial care after cleaning. Their formulation takes into account intensive moisturizing with urea, forms an occlusive protective film on the skin and gives it back the valuable nutrients it needs to regenerate and arm itself.

A positive side effect: thanks to the D5 Cell Complex ™, the Hydra Defense Cream is an anti-aging care and face cream for men and has a positive effect on eye bags and dark circles. Check out the face cream from sober here .

3. Better nutrition for protection from the inside:

Of course, you can “only” take antioxidants through skin care products for men; sober products revalue the proportion of these substances and is cosmetic without parabens. It is even better if you also take them into account in your meal plan!

Fruits with a strong color, for example, help replenish the antioxidants. These include cherries, black currants and strawberries. Also take a look at various vegetables, salads, herbs and nuts. A healthy diet.

Bad environmental influences: Better just not to go out the door?

Nonsense. Enjoy life! Just take the important information for your skin into account - and maybe you yourself contribute to the fact that our air is not polluted unnecessarily? Thank you! #staysober