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Top 10 men's perfumes: find the perfect perfume for men

Men's fragrances are available in an almost incomprehensible numbe...
beste männer parfums

Men's fragrances are available in an almost incomprehensible number, making it difficult to find the best perfume for yourself - or as a gift for men. Therefore, we take a closer look at the different fragrance notes, clarify what they mean and find out which perfume is perfect for you.

What makes a good men's perfume?

The quality difference in men's fragrances begins with the different types. We differentiate between:

  • Eau de Parfum: Is particularly high quality because it lasts a long time. Eau de Parfum is a fragrance ö lanteil of about 15 percent.
  • Eau de Toilette: high quality, but fades away after a few hours. The scent ö lanteil is around 10 percent.
  • Cologne: Hei not ßt vain K ö lnisch water, because it can be applied generously. This is because the scent ö lanteil of less than 5 percent is very volatile.

If we can give you some advice: take eau de parfum. Not only because it is of higher quality than the other fragrance types. An eau de parfum can develop better, specifically for the person who wears it! This is related to the nature of the fragrance composition, divided into heart note, top note and base note. The base note is crucial: It comes only after a while to bear and she is the fragrance that is depending on Trä ger o rie waxed individually - making and therefore a real therefore an eau de parfum for men perfume, so special and valuable.

What types of fragrances are there?

Anyone who knows Patrick Süß children's Perfume knows that there are an infinite number of fragrance compositions and that the right combinations have a particularly high level of power: They arouse emotions, memories and make people do things. In the novel (or in the film) these actions are admittedly extreme, but the point is clear: a good fragrance is powerful.

In most cases, we describe individual fragrances as woody, floral-floral, oriental, fruity or aromatic. If these individual scents are combined, different scent characters with different effects are created:

Mysterious fragrances

A combination of spicy and fresh fragrance chords creates a mysterious fragrance. These are in particular fragrance notes from tobacco, aqua and sandalwood, which ensure that its wearer is particularly fascinating, opaque and at the same time considerate and also has a touch of emotion.

Seductive perfumes

If a perfume contains warm oriental notes such as musk, vanilla and suede, it can get hot. The fragrance combination ensures a confident and spirited appearance. It is not without surprise that a seductive fragrance causes a higher pulse in the people who smell it. But it can also result in an impulsive, slightly aggressive mind being underlined.

Stylish compositions

Combining a scent aromas of natural grasses, suede and lavender expresses its wearer fresh elegance. The appearance of the perfume is particularly confident, at the same time courteous and tasteful. This charming overall program means that men with this fragrance are very likely to be particularly popular and can subtly charm one or the other person.

Trendy fragrance characters

Fruity-fresh fragrance notes ensure that a man expresses his liveliness: Trendy perfumes like to use fragrance chords made of green apple, bergamot and mandarin - thus underlining an exciting and exciting lifestyle. Perfect for men who see themselves as fashionistas and are on the go a lot because of their fashion awareness.

Male smells

When a man is a man is always up for discussion today; in the world of perfumes, however, the following applies: smoky-tart fragrance notes, consisting of herbs, musk express masculinity. The porter is a real guy who tackles, works hard and masters his life solidly.

Sporty-fit perfumes

No, such perfumes do not smell of men's locker rooms, but are fresh, lively and light. This is ensured in particular by fragrance notes such as aqua and natural grass. Sporty perfumes underline that this man is full of zest for action and likes to move in nature. It goes without saying: he has energy like a Duracell rabbit (also in bed?) And has a humorous character.

What are the current top 10 or perfume novelties for men?

Thorium and Mercury are brand new fragrances from our Berlin skin care series for men and are already very popular: The GQ has already included Thorium in its list for the best men's perfumes of the summer! This is not a surprise for us, because firstly we combined the fragrances with great care and secondly we finally wear them ourselves - and we would not wear them if they did not completely convince us!

Thorium No. 90 is characterized by its stylish elegance: we created the fragrance for urban men that exude both fascination and seduction. Why is it? On the amber notes, which we combine with cedar wood and some musk! The perfume for men is subtly tart and masculine. Thorium No. You can get 90 here in the shop .

Mercury No. 80 is a trendy, energetic and masculine fragrance. We use grapefruit with a fresh, herbal heart note of jasmine and laurel. Warm woody amber notes and an idea of patchouli make the base note's fragrance even more mysterious. Mercury No. You can order 80 here from sober .

The current men's fragrance bestsellers from perfumery

What is striking about the current top 10 from Douglas: men's perfumes want to stand out with special bottle designs. In a way, that's ok, because perfumes just want to leave an impression - and the eye gets ahead when you buy your nose. What strikes some of the top 10 candidates, however, is that they sometimes appear a little cheesy to silly. We believe that a perfume shouldn't take the risk of not being a taste eyesore in the bathroom: For Mercury No. 80 and thorium no. 90 we deliberately opted for an elegant, understated design.

Design or not: The following men's perfumes are very popular and lead the sales charts of the big perfumery such as Douglas, Flaconi or Is it beneficial to wear the same fragrance as everyone else? You have to decide that for yourself. We only tell you what most men wear:

  1. Hugo Boss Bottled : Eau de Toilette with a woody, oriental fragrance for a fresh, intense look. Boss Bottled's character ranges from mysterious to masculine.
  2. Paco Rabanne One Million: Eau de Toilette with a woody-oriental fragrance and fresh, intense intensity. The eye-catching packaging design underlines the seductive fragrance character.
  3. Bleu de Chanel: This is an eau de parfum with aromatic, woody fragrances. Characteristic is the masculine, elegant abundance of mystery, which is reflected in the deep shade of blue and in the name.
  4. Dior Sauvage: The eau de toilette speaks a fresh, aromatic language and, as in the name, also expresses wildness. The Mediterranean-woody fragrance notes express impetuous masculinity.
  5. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Mâle: The eau de toilette should appear masculine according to its name and it wants to express this with a combination of warm-aromatic and spicy-soft fragrance notes. The inspiration for the fragrance is the sailor, which also explains the design of the bottle.
  6. Boss The Scent: As an eau de toilette, this perfume comes with dry, woody fragrances and leaves a fresh, intense impression that exudes a seductive masculinity.
  7. Acqua di Giò Homme by Giorgio Armani: An eau de toilette with an aquatic fragrance that is complemented by fresh herbal and citrus aromas. This makes the perfume fruity and fresh and a classic representative of the trendy perfumes.
  8. Chanel Allure Homme Sport: Contrary to what we would expect from a sporty fragrance, Chanel's Eau de Toilette relies on a fruity sensuality by combining mandarin with spicy wood aromas and musk.
  9. Terre d'Hermè s: This is an eau de toilette that looks mysteriously elegant with woody, vegetable and mineral notes.
  10. Davidoff Cool Water: The eau de toilette wants to express fresh masculinity. To do this, it uses floral-woody aromas and combines them with musk and ambergris. This gives the perfume a sensual, seductive character.

Did you find your scent? Then don't forget that you should apply a perfume correctly . #staysober


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