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This month I spoke to Rahel Morgen from Switzerland for our new Int...
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This month I spoke to Rahel Morgen from Switzerland for our new Interview Partner of the Month section, who is responsible for her shopp oh you pretty thingssells our products in Switzerland. Under the motto Less is more, she shares the same ethical and sustainable values as we do and only includes brands in her portfolio that have the same in their DNA, products that get by without a lot of frills and that only use the best ingredients from nature be used. Not enough Rahel is also a member of PETA and donates part of the turnover to the animal welfare organization. She also supports the social institution ConSol. We think it's pretty good and look forward to further Cooperation!eit!

The profile

Name: Rahel Morgen

Feels like age: Sometimes 25, sometimes 75

Profession: Getting things done

Soul food: raclette and chocolate

Favorite musician: Stephan Eicher Noise Boyss

Astrological sign Leo

Rahel Morgan

Why-Up Questions

Winter or summer autumnt

Yoga or workout hikingn

Lake or sea mountainse

Day or night person Day person (I get up at 6 a.m. and go to bed at 9 p.m.)t)

Organic or regional seasonall


Our topic is especially clean beauty and the protection of our planet. What does sustainability mean to you?

Everything. It starts with the ingredients, their cultivation methods and production sites and ends with your own health. As consumers, we have the power, everything we buy and consume has an impact on this earth. Animals have the same rights as humans and deserve our respect. We only have this one planet. We have to protect him. It starts in the bathroom..

Which book (or podcast) should we all hear / read??

For all beauty fans they are„Well-kept conversations“ by Hanna Schumi a must. They are great too12 episodes of The Guardian on the subject of climate change.

How did you come across cosmetics??

Recently discovered the sentence about me in my school newspaper: Always has her cosmetic bag with her. I had to smile at that. I worked for a long time as a PR consultant in the beauty industry for large corporations. At some point I questioned all of this and felt that something was going really wrong here. That's how I came to natural cosmetics..

Do you have an insider's beauty tip that you can give to your customers?

Sun protection and little alcohol. Regularly to the beautician. Take coconut oil and replace many products in your bathroom with the all-rounder.

Is there anything that you are particularly proud of in your business??

That we have been on the market for 5 years and are still the pioneers in Switzerland for almost all brands.

Do you have a personal tip on how to avoid plastic in everyday life?

There are so many alternatives now, even in conventional supermarkets. The same applies here: My purchase decision as a customer is important. Yoghurt in a jar, grain, etc. in the bulk store, or the jute bag from home. You can practice that.

What is your favorite sober product?

ThatBeard oil. My husband takes it, but it also makes my hair wonderfully soft.

Who do you admire?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

What are your 3 must-haves in the bathroom?

Face oil, sunscreen, serum.

What question should we have asked you?

How deep is your love.


Rahel, thanks for the interview!


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