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Sweat makes you beautiful: sport is good for the skin

Nice through sport You will know that you can build up your muscles...
Schweiß macht schön: Sport ist gut für die Haut

Nice through sport You will know that you can build up your muscles through regular training and appear more attractive. Nevertheless, sport is not only part of a "balanced lifestyle" and brings you an athletic appearance, it is known to strengthen the immune system and the psyche. 

But exercise is also good for our skin and has a rejuvenating effect

The sweat that occurs during sports cleanses the skin pores and washes them free, this is an ideal killer for possible skin impurities.

In addition, the exertion and the resulting heat promote blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin, which can be seen from the fact that it turns red during exercise. More oxygen and nutrients in the skin also mean improved cell growth, which is reflected in an increased renewal rate of the cells: You look younger with regular intensive training! The increased blood flow ensures a better removal of dead skin cells and free radicals.

Regular sweating, even after exercising in the sauna, reduces the risk of psoriasis by 30 - and the likelihood of developing skin diseases in general. However, this only applies to training of approx. 100 minutes per week, i.e. approximately 1 to 2 training units..

Muscles not only tighten the skin from the inside and thus ensure a more beautiful complexion, but also your connective tissue is strengthened through regular training: Exercise ensures an increased supply of collagen, a protein that is responsible for the firmness of your connective tissue.

By the way: sweat makes you sexy! Only two percent consist of enzymes, electrolytes and trace elements, 98 are water. But it also contains pheromones: attractants that have an attractive effect. So the individual scent of another person unconsciously affects us in such a way that we find him or her likable or attractive. So a little sweat doesn't do any harm and doesn't have to be unsettling..

Why you can still have the skin of a 30-year-old at 65

American researchers examined the topic of skin rejuvenation through sport in a study with 29 test persons. Due to the number of participants, the result is not representative, but it is still remarkable: When examining tissue samples on the buttocks of the subjects between 20 and 84 years of age, the outer layer of skin was thicker in older subjects, and the dermis underneath thinner than in the younger participants as far as expected. In the participants of the study, however, who exercised regularly, the skin resembled people aged 20 to 30, even if some of the participants examined were already over 65 years old! You can find an article in the New York Times on this at this link.

As always, too much is unhealthy. Hence amoderate training that makes you feel good, better for the skin than top athletic performance, otherwise there is a risk of oxidative stress. However, regular exercise is an important factor in maintaining a healthy, strong appearance into old age.

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