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10 men's face creams and care products tested: EDTA and silicones in many products

Makes my skin care sick So that our skin stays healthy in the long...
10 Männer Gesichtscremes und Pflegeprodukte im Test: EDTA und Silikone in vielen Produkten

Makes my skin care sick So that our skin stays healthy in the long term and we look good, we take care of our skin. As consumers, we trust that products that we buy for this goal are happy to help, so it can also be a more expensive product so that our skin is spared from cheap ingredients such as parabens or silicones. We tested 10 popular face creams and care products for men and found that, unfortunately, this is not the case. Terrifying conclusion in advance: Many creams in men's care contain bad preservatives and silicone oil. One product even continued to contain parabens, although these have been proven to be harmful to the human organism.. 

  • Half of the ingredients can be classified as bad or very bad for the skinufen
  • There is only one ingredient tocopherol that is very good for the skinHaut
  • 7 creams are based on silicone oil

The basis of the test was the evaluation of the ingredient by theSkin Health Foundation and the INCI list of the respective product as of October 6, 2017.

Every manufacturer is obliged to print the ingredients on his cream or packaging. As a consumer, it is possible for us to identify possible risk factors e.g. find out for allergens before buying. However, if you look at the lists of contents of the cosmetic products, you come across wild word combinations from the chemistry laboratory and harmful ingredients in cosmetics. We make it understandable and clarify.

We have reviewed the following products for the most commonly used ingredients:

1.Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment for Men

2.La mer LAMARIN MEN Hydro Vital 24h Cream

3.L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energy Moisturizer 24H Anti-Fatigue

4thClinique For Men Anti-Age Moisturizer

5.Dermalogica Daily Defense Block SPF15

6thKiehl's Age Defender Moisturizer

7thBiotherm Homme Aquapower Daily Defense

8th.L'Oreal Men ExpertBirch sap moisturizer

9.WELEDA Moisturizing cream for men

We already mentioned in our post last weekdangerous or harmful ingredients listed.

Three ingredients are well tolerated by men's skin

We could also find three of the ingredients in our products:water, is the basis of every cream with us. Glycerin is rated as average by cosmetic analysis and is a skin-friendly moisturizer. It is important here where glycerin is on the list of contents: Too much can dry out the skin. So if the material is in second or third place, hands off.Tocopherol is an antioxidant and is recommended as "very good" in cosmetic analysis. It is also contained in our sober Hydra Defense Cream in high concentration. Unfortunately, we could only find it in six of the 10 products tested. Vitamin E ensures naturally smooth skin and has many positive properties.

Care should be taken with these ingredients in men's care products

Dimethicone silicone oil is foreign and creates a film on the skin. As a result, on the one hand, no vitamins and active ingredients can be transported, which is therefore not very useful for skin care, and on the other hand, the skin underneath cannot breathe. The silicone visually fills up small wrinkles and makes the skin feel smoother, which is completely lost the next time you wash your face. Silicones in cosmetics should be avoided because they caregen the skin does not and are bad for the environment. It was surprising to us that harmful preservatives such as disodium EDTA in particular could still be found in the majority of creams. EDTA is a hazard for groundwater and drinking water, as it dissolves sediment-bound metals and is also considered to be toxicologically questionable. Since its biodegradability is very poor, the substance should therefore be avoided in any case.

Overview of the 10 most common ingredients in the tested men's cosmetics

INCI name Usage frequency Cosmetic analysis
Aqua / Water
Water, cream base
Moisturizer 10
Perfume / Fragrance
Collective term for often artificial fragrancesfe 7th
Silicone oil 7th
Caprylyl glycol
Humectant 6th
Vitamin E. 6th
very good
Disodium EDTA
Preservative 6th
very bad
Xanthan gum
Money pictures 5
Preservative 5
Alcohol denat. Preservative 4th bad

Unsurprisingly, the cheapest cream in the test was the oneL'Oreal Men ExpertBirch sap moisturizerwith 15.98 / 100ml, the most expensive cream from Kiehl's:Of the Age Defender Moisturizer is available for 113.98 / 100ml..

Our conclusion

Every man has to decide for himself if he wants any of the listed bad ingredients in his cream and on his face in the future. This is no longer necessary. The reason why silicones and parabens are still often used in the cosmetics industry is quite simple: The substances are very cheap to manufacture. Fortunately, however, experience over the past few years shows that consumers are grappling with ingredients despite the sometimes cryptic names and often long lists of ingredients. Actually, of course, but cosmetics without animal testing should also be rooted in their DNA. TIP: Up codecheck you can search for most products and see at a glance whether the product should be in the bathroom or not.

We would like to offer the most effective face cream for men: Instead of a dead canned product with cheap ingredients, we have packed many natural and skin-friendly active ingredients and antioxidants into our products. We claim that ourHydra Defense Cream the best face cream for men is. The cream contains the D5 Cell complex developed by us, which rejuvenates the complexion at cell level.

Enjoy reading - and don't forget: #staysober


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