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Consumption and climate protection: How to take care of your skin and plant trees

We are faced with a dilemma: We want to protect the environment and...
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We are faced with a dilemma: We want to protect the environment and live in a climate-neutral way, but our way of life is fueling CO2 emissions and environmental degradation. So what can we do? It is clear that not only we as consumers have to make our contribution, but also the economy. One option for companies is reforestation projects like the Eden Reforestation Projects. 

What are you doing to protect the environment 

First of all, we have to swallow a rather bitter pill: our consumption habits and our lifestyle are anything but environmentally friendly. On the contrary, because they destroy the environment:

Our food comes from the other end of the world wrapped in plastic, we travel by plane for a short vacation to Tuscany and with our palm oil and meat consumption we help to clear rainforests. At the same time, we are promoting the exploitation of weakened regions with fast fashion and 

… The application can probably be continued on several pages. However, it makes it more than clear that we make numerous decisions in our everyday actions that also have an impact on the environment and society. And that the situation is no longer serious, but really threatening, must have reached everyone by now.

If we are honest with ourselves, this environmental protection thing is anything but easy: We like it much too much to travel by plane, try out new clothes and eat what we like (and there is often palm oil in there inside). So we have to make compromises and forego in order to destroy less the environment with our consumption.

What you can do to protect the environment:

  • Generally consume more economically and consciously
  • Avoid plastic
  • Travel by train instead of by car or plane
  • Live vegetarian or vegan
  • Buy seasonal groceries from the region
  • Refrain from or use products with palm oilorganic-fair palm oil respect, think highly of
  • Repair instead of throwing away
  • Use ecologically compatible products for the household
  • Buy fair trade clothes instead of fast fashion
  • Support fair trade in coffee, tea, cocoa etc.
  • Obtain green electricity
  • … 

And that's not even asking a lot when you consider that we are one of the major CO2 emitters: In Germany, around 8.6 tons of carbon dioxide came to ONE person in 2018, the global average is 4.8 tons.

So we have to act. All of us.

Environmental protection does not necessarily mean doing without everything

Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment. This means that not only we as consumers, but also the manufacturing companies have to act sustainably.

However, it issustainability has often become an empty phrase in the last few decades and many companies use the term as naturally as it is inappropriately. The sustainability reports of various companies present small environmental successes as the big gain and distract from the fact that the actual business is highly unecological. The auto industry is just one example of many.

But there are companies that are keen to make a real contribution to the environment. They do two things for this:

  1. They produce in such a way that the damage to the environment is as low as possible.
  2. and they support meaningful environmental projects in order to give something back to nature.

With this approach, such companies make it possible for us to treat ourselves to certain comforts in everyday life and to act as climate-neutral as possible.

What are the benefits of climate protection projects like Eden Reforestation Projects 

With the climate strikes since 2019, CO2 emissions are one of the main issues facing society when it comes to environmental protection: We cause significantly more carbon dioxide than the world can handle. Reducing emissions is the most effective protection against overload.

However, emissions cannot be reduced entirely. Because if a product is transported from A to B alone, CO2 emissions can arise.

Here projects like that createEden Reforestation Projects a way to compensate: Your goal is to reforest countries and forests. And because trees are a store of CO2, they help to further reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The Eden Reforestation Projects work with numerous companies around the world that provide financial support for the projects, including among othersthe search engine Ecosia or more about that in a sober . 

The afforestation projects particularly help the poorer countries on our planet, which are suffering severely from the consequences of economic and ecological exploitation: Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, and Kenya. These countries are badly affected by deforestation and natural degradation. For example, 75 percent of Mozambique has already been deforested, an alarming number. 

What is interesting about NGOs like Eden Reforestation Projects is that with their work they not just plant a few trees, but also help the people in the countries themselves. The trees create new CO2 stores, but also work for the local people: They increase the quality of life for the people there and contribute to global environmental protection.

How useful projects like this one are can also be seen from the success figures: Since it was founded in 2004, the NGO has soon planted 300 million trees and created almost 3 million working days for people in 6 countries.

One tree per product: sober supports the Eden Reforestation Projects

It is an important contribution to our climate-positive work:We at sober have decided to support the Eden Reforestation Projects and plant a tree with every product sold.

Why are we doing this 

For us it is important to offer cosmetic products that are good for people and the environment. That is why it is our principle to act responsibly. This includes:

  • Conserve resources
  • Avoid plastic
  • Use harmless ingredients
  • Produce regionally
  • Send climate neutral

By supporting the Eden Reforestation Projects, we can do even more: We give something back to nature and help people in poorer countries, specifically with a tree for every product we sell..

eden projects

So we don't just take overResponsibility for our entrepreneurial actions: We give our customers the peace of mind that they are buying personal care products that are sensible, sensible and sustainable.

How can you support the Eden Reforestation Projects? This works outdirectly through a donation or simply every time you buy one of our high-quality care products, for examplein our shop.

Plant some trees and #staysober


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