Grüner Tee für die gesunde Haut: Anwendungstipps und welche Wirkung er in der Kosmetik entfaltet

Green tea for healthy skin: tips for use and what effect it has in cosmetics

Coffee doesn't always have the best reputation - not even for our skin. But what do you want to do: drink green tea and give up coffee? Maybe not a bad idea!

Green tea leaves: dried, not fermented

What is green tea anyway? Actually, the tea leaf behind it is the same (or the same ?!) as with black tea, with one major difference: The leaves of green tea are dried and not - as with black tea - fermented and oxidized. That is why it tastes different and has something to do with why it looks different!

Green tea contains polyphenols and they belong to the group of antioxidants. This means that these substances neutralize harmful free radicals and this is fundamentally a plus for green tea: it is anti-inflammatory and thus acts against acne and other skin imperfections. It also has a calming effect and can help you lose weight.

But there's more: Green tea contains flavanoids! These substances also have an antioxidant effect like the polyphenols, but are used in pharmacy because of their circulation-promoting properties. And that's also related to why green tea is interesting for our skin:

Daily anti-aging with green tea

In a representative study, women between 35 and 60 years of age drank a liter of green tea every day - over a period of twelve weeks! In addition to a not surprisingly increased urge to urinate, the researchers found that the moisture in the skin and its protective function - also against UV rays - was significantly improved. Likewise their elasticity, density and suppleness.

With so much positive effect, we can say: Green tea has a proven anti-aging effect and is also included in our anti-aging facial care. And because tea is also a (at least mild) stimulant, it can certainly keep up with coffee.

Even as committed coffee junkies, we have to admit: the effect on the skin is better and the taste of green tea is not bad. The disadvantage is unfortunately: green tea is not coffee. But trying makes you smart. Let's give him a chance for the sake of our skin and brew a cup.

Preparing (and reusing) green tea

First of all: As good as green tea is for skin and health, it can be so bad in terms of its ecological balance, its fairness and the pollutants it contains. What good is the thought of healthy skin if it is at the expense of nature and people - and is harmful elsewhere due to pesticides and other chemicals?

The much shorter answer to the difficulties is: Buy fair trade organic tea. You can find more information about the backgrounds and a list of recommended teas here .

If you're making a high quality green tea, consider the following:

  • Start the preparation not 20 minutes before or after eating, because the tannin in green tea inhibits the absorption of plant iron - and vegetarians are particularly dependent on this.
  • The water temperature should be 80 degrees Celsius. Means: Bring water to a boil and let cool for five minutes.
  • Put the tea leaves directly into the jar and add one teaspoon per cup.
  • Let the tea steep for a minute and a half for a mild taste or 2 minutes to make it a little stronger.
  • Alternatively, you can also use cold water to pour on. Then let the green tea steep in the fridge for 10 to 12 hours. Comes especially well in summer!
  • Well get it!

Afterwards, you shouldn't just throw away green tea. First, you can re-pour the leaves two or three times, depending on the quality, and second, you should use it for skin applications! Our favorite tip with green tea residues treats dark circles!

Green tea as a compress against dark circles

Green tea stimulates blood circulation, is anti-inflammatory and improves skin moisture and suppleness. You should use these effects and do not throw away the tea leaves after the infusion!

Let the leaves or tea bag cool in the fridge and put them on your swollen eyes. A few minutes are enough - if necessary, you can turn the package as soon as it has warmed up.

The compresses act particularly on the blood circulation in the eye area and thus fight the cause of dark circles . In this respect, green tea not only ensures a wake, relaxed mind, but also a bright look and you can get rid of dark circles !

Goodbye coffee - hello green tea?

In terms of skin health and well-being, green tea cuts a much better figure than coffee. After all, it can be used both for drinking and for skin care.

We try it out. And you? #staysober


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