Greenwashing bei Pflegeprodukten: Wie viel Natur steckt in meiner Gesichtscreme?

Greenwashing care products: how much nature is in my face cream?

Great development that there is more and more natural cosmetics, or not quite. Because natural cosmetics are not a protected term and may also appear on questionable face creams. That is why it is important that you take a close look and read this post about mock packs..

What tricks of the manufacturer have you fallen for?

One thing is clear: a cosmetic product does not have to be certified ecological to be good for your skin. But the more the company reveals about the origin of the ingredients, the more honest it is to you and the more quality you can expect. Therefore, it should also be part of the moral duty of companies not to make products greener than they actually are.d.

Unfortunately, the truth is that not all companies see it as we do. That's why you should pay attention to what you buy.

Green names, little behind

Just because it says organic doesn't mean that these are real natural cosmetics. During our research, for example, we became aware of the manufacturer bionura: the name promises sustainability, but the homepage only contains self-made seals for marketing purposes and no further information. Another case is the similar-sounding brand biocura: it even uses very questionable ingredients such as the potent allergen butylphenyl methylpropional in some products.ein.

The Annemarie Börlind brand shows us how confusing the term natural cosmetics is with regard to sustainability: the company places the Natural Care claim under its own logo and lets us believe that we are in harmony with nature. Unfortunately, the intensive care cream for men is anything but in line: Aboutr Code check we find that palm oil is used for the product, which only scores 8 out of 20 points in the WWF Scorecard.

Packaged in green and very questionable

The packaging design also leaves an impression on us! Some manufacturers deliberately set green accents and work with earth tones to have a more ecological and sustainable effect. Pay attention!

For example, we noticed the packaging of the Hydra Sensitive Moisturizer by LOreal Paris Men Expert: it advertises birch sap on the front label and uses a dark green shade to accentuate it. Overall, the care product looks clean, tidy and natural, after all, birch sap is in it! The Checking via code check shows: This moisturizer uses some questionable to very questionable ingredients that we do not want to inject into our skin.

What you should pay attention to when buying creams

Basically, there is nothing wrong with ecological products: the absence of artificial elements in the value chain, a natural selection of raw materials and careful production are fundamentally in favor. We also assume that such products are healthier for our body, if only because of the lack of artificial additives.

The problem with the organic in cosmetics, however, is that termNatural cosmetics is not protected. Although there are seals that are widely distributed and make different promises, there is no really binding label for natural cosmetics.

  For example, the following seals are considered trustworthy:

  • the BDIH seal for minimum criteria in natural cosmetics from the Federal Association of Industry and Trade Companies for Medicines, Health Products, Food Supplements and Cosmetics.
  • the Natrue seal, created in 2008 in Belgium on the initiative of industry
  • the Ecocert seal from France, which is hardly used in Germany

What you should always pay attention to

It does not necessarily have to be organic, especially since there are no absolute standards for sustainable and ecological products in cosmetics. It is more important than the organic seals that you pay attention to the ingredients and whether you tolerate them.

Basically, do not use products that contain any of the substances:

  • Parabens
  • Silicones
  • Mineral oils
  • Alcohols, with the exception of fatty and wax alcohols
  • PEG or PEG derivatives

We have a precise explanation of their mode of action and under which name they are still used in our article onquestionable ingredients in skin creams to you.

Ingredients at sober?

As you may know, we use theHydra Defense Cream only those ingredients that are important for an effective face cream for men and whose fate is clarified on the skin. We have a list of the active ingredientshere for you compiled and of course we look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions!

Do not be fooled by green packaging and as always: #staysoberber