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Glycerin:the secret to firm skin in facial care?

It is found in many face creams and care products, but very few know about the holistic effects of glycerin. But how does glycerin or glycerin work on the skin and what are the benefits of using it? If you pay attention to the amount or if a lot helps, a lot In this article, the subject of glycerin will be examined in more detail and the effectiveness of the substance examined.erden.

This is what glycerin does

1. Glycerin regenerates the skin barrier and, when used correctly, provides moisture.
2. Glycerin improves the elasticity of the skin and helps to smooth the skin.


Glycerin really dries out the skin?
What are the natural moisturizing factors NMFF)?
What skin types is glycerin suitable for??
Chemical components: what is glycerin?
There are different types of glycerin?
Glycerin: Better alone or as a component in a cream?
Glycerin: what role does it play on blemished skin?
Glycerin is the right care for eczema?

The skin's moisture system: natural moisturizing factors NMFF)

The natural moisturizing factors, NMF for short, are substances responsible for maintaining moisture in the horny layer of the skin. To theNMF include lactic acid, urea and hydrophilic amino acids. Glycerin is also a component of the natural moisturizing factors and occurs naturally in the epidermis of humans. The body breaks down substances such as fat and glycerin is transported to the skin layer as a waste product of the breakdown. It works there in the NMF by binding water and creating water deposits in the skin. The NMF is also commonly referred to as the skin's moisturizing system. Frequent washing of hands releases the water-soluble glycerin from the skin and the skin dries out. The effect is also known from the cold season, when hands become dry and cracked. The body's glycerin is then insufficient to maintain the function of the NMF. Drying should be prevented in the long term and creams and care products can counteract the effect.n.

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What skin types is glycerin suitable for??

Glycerin is allergen-free and is suitable for all types of skin. Products with glycerin are also suitable for sensitive skin. The greatest benefit of glycerin ingredients in skin care is for people with dehydrated or dry skin. Dry skin is caused by predisposition or by age. If the cream is optimally composed, it moisturizes, improves skin elasticity and resilience. Glycerin helps to create water deposits in the skin and stores more moisture. It can penetrate deeply into the skin layer and work optimally. The skin becomes soft and elastic. Infections are avoided because dry skin is more susceptible to infections. The skin generally gets a fresh and smooth appearance with application.

When used correctly, glycerin helps all skin types to improve the moisture balance in the epidermis. It is also suitable for dry skin types and allergy sufferers.

What is glycerin?

Glycerin is a small molecule that can be absorbed by the skin. From a chemical point of view, glycerin is a sugar alcohol with the name of propane-1,2,3-triol, which is not very common in everyday life. It is colorless, odorless and tastes sweet. As a component of the skin's own moisturizing system, the so-called NMF natural moisturizing factors, glycerin binds water to ensure that less water evaporates from the skin. Glycerin thus improves the elasticity of the skin and strengthens the barrier function of the epidermis. Dry skin, in particular, benefits when the glycerin concentration within their moisturizing system improves. As a component of skin care products, glycerin is particularly well tolerated and flexibly applicable. Glycerin can be produced synthetically or is obtained from vegetable oils. Products added with glycerin are particularly suitable for the care of mature skin. The NMF concentration of the skin decreases with increasing age. The use of glycerin can be useful here. It is used from humectants in cosmetic products and the effect of glycerin has now been scientifically proven. Care products should contain a concentration of 3-10

There are different types of glycerin?

There are different origins of glycerin. It can be made from plants, but also synthesized. Depending on the type, a distinction is made between conventional and organic glycerin. The vegetable glycerin is mostly vegan. The following types of glycerin are available:

• Vegetable glycerin is extracted from oils and is a by-product of the production of bio-diesel.
• Animal glycerin is obtained from animal fats.
• Synthetically produced glycerin is based on petroleum.
• Organic glycerin in natural cosmetics is obtained from plants by splitting fats into fatty acids and glycerin. It is often based on palm oil, but can also be obtained from other plants.

Glycerin dries out the skin?

One often reads that glycerin can dry out the skin. This usually happens when the dosage of glycerin in creams or other skin care products is too high. A maximum value for the concentration characterizes the value of 30: the dose is what makes the effect here, because glycerol concentrations of over 30 should be avoided in a care product. This also has to do with the proportion of other components in the product, such as the proportion of water. Glycerin levels below 15, better below 10 appear optimal. Most cosmetic products have a glycerol level of 10 or less.iger.

Glycerin: Better alone or as a component in a cream?

It is best to use glycerin as part of a cream. The effect of glycerin can be observed particularly well in high humidity. Glycerin binds water. If dry heating air and cold winds occur when using glycerin, it can happen that glycerin removes the moisture from the connective tissue of the skin and the skin loses water. Good skin creams therefore have a particularly sophisticated formula that takes the balance of the components into account.

To provide glycerin with the optimal starting point, it should be in a care product orcream be used. The cream should include sufficient water and a maximum of 10 glycerin. It is also important that the product contains sufficient vegetable oils. Overall, glycerin tends to serve as an auxiliary that can work optimally in combination with other ingredients. It is therefore a good guideline if glycerin does not appear in the top quarter of the ingredients of a care product in the list of ingredients..

Glycerin: what role does it play on blemished skin?

Blemished skin has various causes. These causes are also diverse. Hormone fluctuations and hormonal imbalances can also increaseblemished skin lead like puberty, allergies or serious illnesses. From the age of 30, the effects of aging are more and more visible. The skin's natural moisture barrier decreases and the components of this barrier are less concentrated in the upper skin layer. Glycerin is only one of the many components of the barrier and can only work effectively against blemished skin in combination with other active ingredients. In addition, the over-concentration of glycerin can also be the cause of skin problems.

In summary, if you find the optimal concentration of active ingredients, glycerin can help with blemished skin.

Glycerin is the right care for eczema?

Neurodermatitis is characterized by a disturbed skin barrier, which is characterized by a low concentration of ceramides, the cement layer in the skin. The reason for neurodermatitis is therefore not necessarily a lack of glycerin, but a weakened skin barrier. However, there is a particular dryness, which is why many creams are mixed with urea and glycerin for special use. General care creams usually do not help in the special case of neurodermatitis.


As part of the body's skin barrier, glycerin is a natural part of the body that is responsible for the moisture within the epidermis. Obtained naturally from oils, or produced synthetically, the use of glycerin in cosmetic products can improve the moisture of the skin and strengthen the skin barrier.

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