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Consequences of vitamin deficiency: hair loss in men and women

Hair loss is a problem that affects many men as well as women. Wha...
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Hair loss is a problem that affects many men as well as women. What many see only as a sign of hereditary predisposition can also be the result of a vitamin deficiency.

Especially if more and more food intolerances, different lifestyles and preferences for individual foods lead to a one-sided diet, you should take care of your health to provide your body with the essential vitamins. Here we explain how hair loss is caused by a vitamin deficiency and how you can stop the loss of scalp hair by taking vitamins:

Our body needs an individual supply of important vitamins in different situations. Even children know that they have to take vitamins to be fit and healthy. Of course, we all know that we have to pay attention to good nutrition in growth, with illness and also in old age so that we can stay healthy and alert.

But not only our immune system or our metabolism benefit from an adequate supply of vitamins, our appearance also depends to a large extent on how many and which vitamins our body gets for use.

So if you suffer from hair loss , you should not despair directly or accept this situation, but can have a medical examination to determine whether there is a vitamin deficiency that led to hair loss.

What vitamins can stop hair loss ?

If there is a lack of vitamins that leads to hair loss, it is necessary to quickly find out which vitamin or which combination of vitamins is needed. There is often a lack of complex vitamins, as these complement each other and can only be used by the human body in combination.

Vitamin A

Among other things, this vitamin is responsible for the production of sebum. Sebum has a positive effect on hair health by protecting the hair from drying out. Vitamin A is found in carrots, cheese and milk as well as in spinach, peppers and tomatoes. So that the body can optimally absorb the vitamin A, one should always eat the vitamin-rich foods together with a little fat, for example butter or magerine.

B vitamins

Biotins that are found in these vitamins support hair growth. In connection with vitamin B3, which is primarily responsible for the care of the scalp and hair roots, hair loss can be prevented.

Another reason for frequent hair loss is the lack of vitamin B5 and vitamin B12. If the body lacks the complex combination of B vitamins, this can lead to the loss of hair.

B Vitamins are mainly found in animal food sources such as poultry meat, fish or milk, which is why the phenomenon of hair loss often occurs in people who do without animal products. But the need for B vitamins can also be met with nuts, cereals or oatmeal and whole grain products.

vitamin C

The most versatile vitamin is involved in many metabolic processes in the body. It can also counteract hair loss if you cover the need with citrus fruits, but also apples or peppers.

Vitamin D

The sun itself is sufficiently produced by the body in summer. In the dark season, oily fish such as salmon should be on the menu to prevent hair loss due to a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin E.

The vitamin strengthens the body's own powers through antioxidants that prevent stress-related hair loss. The vitamin can be absorbed sufficiently via nuts, eggs and milk.

Those who live a balanced diet actually provide the body with sufficient vitamins. However, different living conditions ensure that the vitamin requirement changes. Going to the doctor is the first way to go if you find hair loss.

In the case of acute hair loss, a visit to the doctor is definitely advisable. The possible causes can be discussed during a doctor's consultation. The doctor can diagnose diseases and initiate the right therapy. Self-medication with vitamins is not risk-free; overdosing on vitamin C, for example, can lead to diarrhea.

In any case: #staysober


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