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Care of men's skin part 3:Help against pimples, blackheads and dark circles

Unlike women, men only develop problems with wrinkles later. But wh...
Pflegeguide für Männer

Unlike women, men only develop problems with wrinkles later. But what connects us all: Many of us suffer from pimples and acne, blackheads and dark circles. There are some great tips that really help! 


What helps against blackheads and pimples: How to conquer visible blemishes 

Skin blemishes such as blackheads, pimples and acne have a lot to do with your disposition and puberty. Nevertheless: You can have a positive influence on how your face looks with your care program! 

But first: 

How do blackheads and pimples arise? 

Blackheads are caused by increased sebum production by the glands that cause the skin pores to burst. The sebum mixture oxidizes in the air and turns black. That is why we also speak of blackheads when it comes to blackheads. However, it doesn't stop with the blackhead, because if it becomes infected it becomes a bigger problem: a pimple.

The 3 essential steps against blackheads and pimples

Step # 1: Prevent blackheads and inflammation by cleansing your skin

Clean pores mean fewer blackheads, less inflammation potential and therefore fewer pimples. For good personal hygiene, water alone is not enough, because you only remove coarse dirt with it. To avoid inflammation pimples, you have to use a nourishing facial cleanser! Its job: to remove bacteria, fats and dirt particles from the skin.

But you also define how many blackheads and pimples you get through your diet and your stress level. Therefore, you should avoid fatty and sugary foods as well as take measures for a relaxed everyday life. Sport is perfect for this: it not only relaxes, but also cleans the pores with the sweat!

Step # 2: Using Simple Home Remedies For Blackheads And Pimples

The temptation is great, but: You shouldn't squeeze blackheads and pimples! If you proceed improperly, you will provoke further inflammation and increase the problem. If in doubt, beauticians who bring the right tools with them will help you.

A mild (and simple) home remedy for blemishes is the facial steam bath: a bowl, chamomile, boiling water, towel, done. The steam gently opens the pores and excess sebum and dirt can escape. Application time: 15 to 20 minutes.

A possible alternative is baking soda: for this you mix baking soda and distilled water in a ratio of 1: 1 and apply the paste to the affected areas. The baking soda removes dead skin cells as well as excess oils and dirt, which are responsible for the formation of blackheads.

Step # 3: rebuild natural protective barrier

Step # 1 and Step # 2 have one thing in common: With them, you have removed the natural protective film from your skin in addition to the impurities. To avoid future pimples, you want to rebuild them. For this you need facial care that supports the natural moisturizing factors. This means that it not only contains urea and hyaluron for moisturizing, but also important vitamins, trace elements and oils.

Extra tip: This is how you avoid spots of inflammation for pimples

In order to prevent future pimples from developing in the first place, you should make sure that you confront your skin with as few bacteria and dirt particles as possible. That means: touch your face as little as possible, especially not with unwashed hands. Also ask yourself when you last cleaned your pillow: This is where countless mites and their extremes hide if you don't wash them regularly with hot water. We recommend changing bed linen at least every six weeks.

Open your eyes: This is how you get rid of annoying dark circles 

Dark shadows under the eyes do not tell good stories: if you have dark circles, you not only appear drained and overtired, but also overwhelmed and all of that at first glance. It is all the more important that you ensure more clarity around your eye area!!

How are dark circles created?? 

Dark circles are the result of poor circulation and lack of oxygen in the blood. The causes for this are sometimes lack of fluids, malnutrition, drug consumption, environmental toxins, stress and lack of sleep. Allergies can also be to blame for dark circles under the eyes.

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, namely three times as thin as the rest of the skin on the face and six times as thin as the skin on the rest of the body. This is because it has a very thin subcutaneous fat and no solid connective tissue. The vessels in this area are quite fine. If they are not well supplied with blood and if the blood also lacks oxygen, the area becomes darker because the oxygen-poor blood shimmers through the thin skin. The result: dark circles.

This is how skin care helps against dark circles 

You can get a quick remedy for dark circles with a face cream that contains urea: The care substance binds moisture in the skin around the eye area and thus helps against dark shadows. In addition, you should regularly use the classic among the care measures: The cooling cucumber slice for 20 minutes, with which you stimulate the blood circulation.

Fight dark circles with a healthy lifestyle

Sport is perfect for getting your circulation going and promoting your blood circulation. Your body also needs periods of rest to regenerate the tissue, so you should check your sleep times and take time out. Speaking of indulging: smoking, drugs, alcohol are definitely not one of them. 

But you can also combat dark eye areas with the right diet: 

Dark circles under the eyes are particularly pronounced when there is a lack of iron. A healthy diet with plenty of vegetables, legumes, fish and low-fat meat will help. What should definitely not be missing on the menu: sufficient liquid! You should take two to three liters. Ideally water and no sugary drinks. 

Have fun reading and staying young. #TreatYourself


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