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eBook on the care of men's skin part 2: What care men stay young with

We care about healthy skin. Not only because it looks more beautiful and younger: a man's well-being is significantly better with young, healthy and fresh skin. But what can you do for a healthy and young complexion as a man?  

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We have summarized the most important background information on the topic of young skin in our free e-book: In our guide you will find out how you can keep your skin fit with a healthy lifestyle and good skin care.  

Download the complete care guide and find out why staying young isn't that difficult.

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An important topic in our e-guide for men's care is the important topic of anti-aging. And that's what it's about:  

Free radicals are to blame for everything: what environmental influences have to do with aging  

Free radicals are a key factor that affects our skin health: Those who fight and avoid free radicals slow down their aging process!  

What are free radicals?  

Free radicals are molecules, atoms or ions that carry an unpaired, reactive electron: it will react with the next best compound to recover its missing electron. This can even lead to chain reactions, because if the reaction partner lacks an electron, it can itself become a free radical. Because free radicals are highly reactive as an oxygen compound, they can damage the skin and other organs. They cause oxidative stress .

In fact, our body produces a certain amount of free radicals itself, but it can deal with them well. It becomes problematic when there are too many: Free radicals are generated in particular by heat, UV radiation and environmental influences such as smog or cigarette smoke. Excessive stress or physical exertion are also among the causes.  

Free radicals are pure stress for the skin!  

There are three ways you can deal with oxidative skin stress from free radicals:  

  1. Avoid free radicals

An effective anti-aging approach is to eliminate the causes of free radicals. That means a clear no to cigarettes and cigarette smoke as well as UV radiation and environmental influences such as fine dust and smog. You should also avoid excessive psychological stress.

What sounds understandable so far is difficult to implement in everyday life. Therefore, in addition to the avoidance strategy, you should also have a defense plan:

  1. Fight free radicals

The effective weapon against free radicals are antioxidants! They neutralize free radicals by neutralizing the oxygen compound. Radical scavengers include vitamins A, C and E as well as trace elements and flavanoids.  

The human body cannot produce antioxidants itself, which is why it has to absorb the substances through a balanced diet: fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains are rich in antioxidants and must be on the menu!

  1. Neutralize free radicals with a skin cream

With a well-formulated face cream, you fight free radicals on the top skin level and make them harmless before they can cause wrinkles. Make sure that the cream is first tailored to the needs of men's skin and secondly contains the antioxidants vitamins C and E.

Tip: Use the right care against skin damage, especially on radical days

There are days when we put a lot of stress on our skin. This can be a walk in midsummer, a particularly busy day or the exhaust fumes from the cars on the way home.

Make sure to give your skin a balance and also carry out a care program in the evening before going to bed. You first clean your face with a mild washing lotion to remove skin stress. Then apply a hydrating cream to provide your skin with nutrients and important moisture.

This way, you don't go to bed with free radicals and give your skin the chance to recover from a busy day.

The anti-aging trick against wrinkles: looking young without splashing and without dangers

Despite all your personal hygiene efforts, you will never be 100 percent able to avoid the appearance of a wrinkle here and there. That's why some people resort to a facelift with botox. However, there are significantly better alternatives for your health and your natural appearance. Because:  

Botox is not a solution

Botox (botulinum toxin) paralyzes the muscles and thus smoothes skin and wrinkles - but so effectively that it distorts faces into unnaturally rigid masks. You may know the result from some celebrities: your skin is smoother, but the facial expression is distorted to tragic.

Botox is so effective that it overshoots the target and takes away the naturalness of the face. On top of that, it is associated with high costs and potential health risks - after all, it is a poison that has to be re-injected after a few weeks.

The botox alternative: an effective serum against wrinkles

With the wrinkle blocker acetyl hexapeptide, you smooth out wrinkles without turning your face into a mask: you only apply it as a serum to the top layer of skin, i.e. where it should work. This will keep your facial muscles and facial expressions active.  

Another plus point: a serum with acetyl hexapeptide does not require any injections and botox-typical side effects. You apply it on the forehead and around the eyes to make wrinkles invisible. What you notice immediately is a pleasantly cooling freshness on the skin. And after about 30 minutes you can already see that the skin is smoother there.

What is acetyl hexapeptide and how does it work against wrinkles?  

Our body cells communicate with each other via neurotransmitters, which include the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh). ACh plays an important role in the contraction of the muscles: if a lot of ACh reaches the muscle, it contracts more. It is problematic, however, that high muscle activity on the skin level - and especially on the face - causes deep wrinkles. This is where acetyl hexapeptide comes in: it blocks the messenger acetylcholine, which only reaches the muscle to a limited extent and causes fewer contractions. This keeps the skin relaxed and less wrinkled.

Moisturizing: The key to anti-aging is to avoid dry skin

Moisture is essential for the skin if it is to remain young and fresh for a long time, because: if the skin lacks moisture, it becomes dry, limp and brittle. This leads to permanent wrinkles and inflammation-related skin problems such as pimples and acne.

Why does skin dry out?

If you drink little and eat an unhealthy diet, you run the risk of your skin becoming drier. But that's only part of the reason: External factors are partly responsible for dry skin. They include environmental factors such as dry heating air in winter, smog, long periods of sunshine, baths that are too hot or incorrect care products. These external factors affect the performance of the protective skin barrier.  

The consequence: your skin loses moisture and is unprotected.

Good facial care supports the natural moisturizing factors of the skin (natural moisturizing factors) through two functions: firstly, it moisturizes and secondly, it strengthens the body's own skin barrier. The cream protects against wrinkles and other skin problems - and is therefore the basis for an effective anti-aging program.

Face creams that moisturize ideally work with urea and hyaluronic acid. These substances bind moisture, store it on the skin and thus protect it from drying out. In order to strengthen the skin barrier, good creams also use other care components. These include: panthenol, valuable oils such as those from blueberry seeds and avocado, vitamins C and E and trace elements.

What are the Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF)?  

The natural moisturizing factors (NMF) are an acid coat on the skin, which you can imagine as a protective barrier: The NMF prevent the moisture on your upper skin layer from evaporating prematurely - thus regulating the moisture content of the skin .  

The NMF is a mixture of various hydrophilic (water-loving) substances, including: lactic acid, various amino acids, urea (urea) and ammonia as well as inorganic ions such as potassium and magnesium.

Anti-aging also affects your hair

Sad, hair-raising truth: hair loss is part of almost every male life and can make us feel like we are no longer fresh, young, agile, attractive or male. While some of our colleagues are very confident with a bald head, others use the options to hide receding hairline or to counter hair loss.  

What are the most common reasons for hair loss?  

Hereditary hair loss: Here the hair roots react hypersensitively to the masculine hormone dihydrotestosterone. It prevents the hair root from being adequately supplied with the important messenger substance cAMP and leads to shorter growth phases, receding hairline and thinning hair.

Circular hair loss: A rarer form of clearcut, in which more round, coin-sized gaps appear in the hair in a short time. The reasons for this are unclear and may be due to an immune system error. However, the hair roots do not die, so the hair can potentially grow back.

Diffuse hair loss: Here the hair becomes even and progressively lighter over the head. The cause is an energy deficiency of the hair roots, which is caused by stress, medication, diet or excessive physical exertion.

What options you have for hair loss

With caffeine you can prevent hair loss: it is an interesting, preventive approach to stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp and thus strengthen the hair roots. This enables you to produce hair better and is less likely to cause diffuse hair loss.

A shampoo and conditioner with caffeine are the simplest and gentlest means of combating hair loss: they are free of side effects and suitable for daily hair care!

There are two prominent medications that can be used to treat hereditary hair loss. The side effects of Minoxidil are rather harmless, but they are also not the most effective remedy. Finasteride, on the other hand, is more effective (especially in combination with minoxidil), but has far-reaching side effects: It endangers libido, potency and fertility. Of course, you should only take this approach under medical advice.

Men are increasingly using hair transplants. Here, working hair roots are transplanted from your own body to the bald areas. The methods behind it are quite expensive and also no guarantee for a lifetime of hair. Doctors will be able to advise you on this.  

Many men handle their hair loss with ease and counter this with the right hairstyle. With receding hairline, messy hair or a parting can be used to distract from the bald spots. A beard is also a suitable means of drawing attention to the face. In the case of diffuse hair loss, the short cut is suitable, in which the top hair is one idea longer than on the sides. Your hair studio will have the best idea for your case.  

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In our e-book we summarize everything you need to know to stay young, healthy and fresh for a long time (and of course look like this). If you read through the guide for beautiful men's skin, you will notice:  

It is not that difficult!  

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