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Care of men's skin part 1:Anti-aging starts with lifestyle

We men aren't exactly known for being overly vain on beauty issues ...
Anti Aging Männer Ratgeber

We men aren't exactly known for being overly vain on beauty issues or sharing beauty tips. But we also notice that our youth has an expiration date. That is why we have now published a comprehensive free guide that will accompany you on the way to healthy, young skin.


And we'll tell you a secret:

Even though we are cosmetics manufacturers, we have to honestly tell you that good skin care starts with you and your lifestyle.

Why is that 

Healthy nutrition leads to healthy skin: Your skin needs good nutrition

When our skin renews itself, it needs building materials. We ingest these building materials with our food and through the bloodstream they reach the skin. There, our body processes them into firm connective tissue and fresh skin cells for a healthy complexion. Sebum and lipids are also produced here, which are important for the skin's own protective barrier, among other things.

Fact: Your skin renews itself every month.

That means: If you eat healthier for just one month, you can already notice a change in your skin texture!

The important building materials for healthy, firm skin are proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. But fats and carbohydrates are also part of it: there are differences in quality! If you consume food with bad fats and bad carbohydrates, you run the risk of skin infections, pimples and blackheads. All of this leads to faster skin aging, which we naturally want to avoid..

Drop by drop, young and healthy skin: Why you should drink at least two liters a day

You don't have to have green fingers to know that if you don't water a plant, it will shrivel up, lose color and wilt. The same thing happens with your skin: it is 80 percent water and needs hydration to keep it young and alive.

Your skin needs water because 

… Water improves the elasticity of the skin cells

Most of the skin is made up of water. If you lack fluids, you lose tension. By drinking plenty of water, you compensate: You plump up your skin from the inside and tighten it. Water is a wrinkle killer!

… Water stimulates blood circulation

With just half a liter of water after getting up, you can stimulate your blood circulation. On the one hand, this has a positive effect on dark circles, on the other hand, you get your metabolism going at the same time: Your body can remove old cells and has space for fresh new ones.

… Water detoxifies your body

The digestive processes of our skin produce toxins that can damage our body and our skin. The more water the body has, the better it can detoxify. The advantage for the skin: The toxins are not carried out via the sweat glands and can therefore cause less inflammation!

What to drink: tea is ok, cola is not

Your skin urgently needs enough fluids to stay young, firm and fresh. However, you can achieve the opposite if you have a poor fluid balance: Drinks with sugar or alcohol are taboo; Milk or buttermilk are nutritious, but not a source of liquid.

The optimal liquid is built as close to the water as possible: Tea and highly diluted juice spritzers are ideal. A splash of lemon in a water glass is also perfect: Vitamin C supports the liver in detoxification and, as an antioxidant, actively fights free radicals.

Shift down: if you live fast, you quickly look old

Why you should drink alcohol in moderation ...

After a long party you stand in front of the mirror in the morning: The skin of your face is irritated, reddened and easily inflamed, the circles under the eyes darker than usual. Last night's fun has its price: Alcohol damages your skin enormously! It removes moisture and important nutrients from it and damages its immune system. Alcohol creates the basis for pimples, blackheads and premature skin aging through wrinkles and skin damage.

... and should refrain from smoking completely.

Bad for the lungs, the nose, the condition, the smell and also the skin: Those who smoke are putting their whole body at risk. The toxins in tobacco lower collagen and elastin levels, causing the skin to wrinkle and lose its elasticity. Even more: Smoking disrupts the blood circulation in your skin! It is slow to renew, pale, and become infected. Smoking acne on pale, gray, and wrinkled skin is the result..

Work hard, play hard Take it easy for your skint

Your skin desperately needs rest. Not only rest from alcohol and cigarettes, but also from constant rush and pressure: Stress weakens your immune system and thus your skin. She becomes dry, irritable, and lifeless; This causes inflammation, rashes and wrinkles. Even more: stress leads to a lack of sleep. This is very worrying, because when you sleep your body releases a growth hormone that regenerates your skin. No sleep, no fresh skin.

So the question for looking young is: How well can you relax and switch off? In fact, this is not easy for many people. But there are ways to train calmness: meditation, yoga, mindfulness exercises or just a quiet walk (without a smartphone) have an effect on inner satisfaction. 

Beautiful and Sweaty: Why Exercise is a Perfect Anti-Aging Agent

There is something to it: Researchers compared tissue samples from young and old test subjects. They found that the skin of men around 65 is as fresh as that of those around 30, provided that regular training is right! Sport is good for the skin in four ways::

Reason 1: cell renewal

When you exercise, your body produces heat and increases blood circulation. A clear sign of this is the reddening of the skin. But even more happens under the skin: oxygen and nutrients get into the cells so that they can renew themselves better. Exercise makes skin fresher and younger.

Reason 2: sweat

Wear your sweat stains with pride: Your body flushes various toxins out of your body via the sweat glands and thus lowers the risk of inflammation and blemishes, especially pimples and acne. If you sweat regularly while exercising or in the sauna, you even reduce the risk of later being affected by skin diseases..

Reason 3: skin tightening

Sure, as your muscles grow, they take up more space and tighten the skin. But your skin itself is also given a stronger connective tissue: When you exercise, you stimulate the supply of collagen in the skin. And after all, collagen is the building block for firm connective tissue.

Reason 4: balance

In the previous chapter we stated that reducing stress is good for the skin. And this is where sport comes in: It's good for the psyche! On the one hand, sport is a perfect counterbalance to everyday stress, on the other hand, it increases your self-esteem in the long term, not least because your body looks fresher and fitter..

Hardly anything is as valuable as your health and an important part of it is your skin health. We want you to take good care of this treasure and that you are well. 

And: #TreatYourself


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