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The best gifts for men for Father's Day: sober x Kushel

Kushel is the world's first resource and climate positive textile b...
Kushel sober Aktion

Kushel is the world's first resource and climate positive textile brand. So we knew immediately that sober and Kushel were a perfect match to set up a Father's Day campaign together.

Kushel sells high-quality bath textiles such as hand towels, bath towels and the Kushel bathrobe. What is special is that, in addition to fair production within Europe, these are not only made from organic cotton, but also from a special wood fiber material on reforested beech trees. This not only makes the towel absorbent, but also makes it soft for a long time.h.

The beech wood fibers used in the textiles are 50% more absorbent than cotton - and with OEKO-TEX 100 certification, they are also suitable for sensitive skin. But whoever thinks that would be wrong, as a look at Kushel's mission shows.


"We want to set a new standard in the textile industry by proving that it is possible to produce a high-quality towel while giving back more resources to the environment than we used to produce it.

By planting 2 trees for every towel and offsetting the CO2 emissions and water consumption of production, we have become the first climate and resource positive textile brand in the world."


Kushel itself does a lot not only to produce outstanding textiles of the best quality but also to protect the environment: Kushel plants two trees for every product sold. So the Kushel textiles are not only good for you, but also for the environment. It's worth buying twice!

For Father's Day, we have put together two great packages for you to celebrate our Cooperation , which will also save you a lot:

For care in your own bathroom:

Kushel Bathrobe & Hydra Defense Cream

A super cozy bathrobe in "slate grey" available in 2 sizes and a Hydra Defense Cream (50ml), our slightly matt anti-aging moisturizer, are the perfect combination for a relaxing weekend at home.e.


For the night of nights

Kushel Bath Towel & Krypton No. 36 perfume

Enjoy Kushel's soft bath towel after a long shower and get ready for an unforgettable night with our Krypton No. 36A fragrance for men full of bold sensuality and refined elegance. It beguiles with notes of cardamom and cedar wood and a heart note of lavender and bergamot. The seductive fragrance is based on amber, caraway and vetiver: an intense perfume with olfactory tension and exciting contrasts.


You can find out more about Kushel and their mission hereon your website.


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