Kushel sober Aktion

The best gifts for men for Father's Day: sober x Kushel

Kushel is the world's first resource and climate-positive textile brand. So we knew immediately that sober and Kushel are a perfect match to put together an action on Father's Day.

Kushel sells high-quality bath textiles such as towels, bath towels and the Kushel bathrobe. What is special is that, in addition to fair production within Europe, they are not only made from organic cotton, but from a special wood fiber material on afforested red beech trees. This not only makes the towel absorbent but also long-lasting soft.h.

The beech wood fibers used in the textiles have a 50 higher absorbency than cotton - and with OEKO-TEX 100 certification is also suitable for sensitive skin. But who thinks that everything is already wrong, as a look at the mission of Kushel shows..


"We want to set a new standard in the textile industry by demonstrating that it is possible to produce a high quality towel while at the same time giving back more resources to the environment than we used for production.

By planting 2 trees for each towel and offsetting the CO2 emissions and water consumption of production, we have become the world's first climate and resource-positive textile brand. "


Kushel itself does a lot to not only produce excellent textiles of the highest quality but also to protect the environment: Kushel plants two trees for each product sold. So the Kushel textiles are not only good for you, but also for the environment. So it's worth buying twice!

For Father's Day, we have put together two great packages for you to celebrate our Cooperation , which will also save you a lot:

For care in your own bathroom:

Kushel bathrobe & amp; Hydra Defense Cream

A super cozy bathrobe in "slate gray" available in 2 sizes and a Hydra Defense Cream 50ml our slightly matting anti-aging moisturizer are the perfect combination for a relaxing weekend at home.use.


For the night of the nights

Kushel bath towel & amp; Krypton No. 36 perfume

Enjoy the soft bath towel by Kushel after a long shower and get ready for an unforgettable night with our fragrance Krypton No. 36.A fragrance for men full of bold sensuality and refined elegance. It seduces with cardamom and cedar wood notes and a heart note of lavender and bergamot. The base of the seductive fragrance are amber, caraway and vetiver: an intense perfume with olfactory tensions and exciting contrasts.


You can find out more about Kushel and her missionon your website.


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Bewertung sober


Exceptional and great.

Received, unpacked and tested immediately; Just a dream. I love the concept. Super quality, a cream that is tailored exactly to my needs and also very economical. I noticed the first improvements after just a week:Softer, smooth skin, fewer wrinkles in the morning and fewer pimples in the forehead area. Thanks, will definitely order again.


Visible success

My dermatologist advised me to do more for my mature skin. I came across Sober on the Internet. I have been using the Hydra Defense face cream for 2 months. With success! I'm very satisfied. Thank you!


High quality goods

Timeshift Anti-Aging Serum - A great product for daily skin care. The serum has a pleasant smell, perhaps due to the green tea extract it contains. I applied it every day and it feels very comfortable on the skin. Great product and gladly again ..


Best facewash I have ever used

Risking to sound too overexcited, this is really the best I've tried! My skin feels very soft already after the first use, and the effect never disappoints. Redness has considerably improved; pores, too. Additionally to daily cleaning, once a week i leave it on my skin for some minutes, and i can feel a good but gentle peeling effect. Simply everything is nice about it, including packaging, look, smell etc. One small space for improvement:the dispenser sometimes chokes or gives out very little, but it recovers after another push.


Accompanies my everyday life

Top products at a fair price, if you include quantity and individuality. Nice that natural ingredients are used. Delivery was quick, advice was great and very friendly. Definitely recommendable.