Bedenkliche Inhaltsstoffe in Kosmetika: Butylhydroxytoluol (BHA) und BHT

Questionable ingredients in cosmetics: butylated hydroxytoluene (BHA) and BHT

Because of the inexpressibility of its 18 characters, butylated hydroxytoluene should be banned, but that's not the real reason. Because: BHT hides a chemical with unexplained effects on the skin. Why is the substance used so often in cosmetics? Time for a look at the level of knowledge and time for better cosmetics.

GHS hazard label says: Dangerous

In the globally harmonized system for labeling hazardous substances, BHT appears together with the warning symbol for environmentally hazardous substances because it is hazardous to the water. On the sign itself, a fish dies in front of a deserted tree. Why should serious cosmetics rely on a substance that is classified as dangerous globally?

BHA cosmetics

Butylated hydroxytoluene is a colorless and odorless crystalline solid. Only a few types of plants or bacteria produce BHT themselves. The compound belongs to the tuluol derivatives or phenols and the industry mainly produces the substance for use in various products such as paints and waxes, pharmaceuticals, packaging materials, pesticides and under the name E 321 in food.

But cosmetics manufacturers also rely on the substance because they use it there - as with food - as an antioxidant, i.e. as a cheap preservative.

The problem, however, is that although no one knows exactly how much the substance harms people, it is permitted in certain quantities.

The dangers of BHT

In animal experiments with high doses of BHT, various symptoms such as impaired blood coagulation occurred, and liver tumors also grew. However, how BHT affects humans and the environment has not been sufficiently clarified: the chemical compound was effective as a remedy for herpes simplex viruses, but nobody was able to use it officially because it triggered too violent allergic skin reactions in the test subjects.

What we know: BHT has a strong sensitizing and irritating effect. The EU Commission Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety therefore classifies the substance as very questionable . The European Chemicals Agency REACH has been working on exactly how BHT affects people since 2016.

What we also know: good cosmetics know that they do not depend on BHT and do not use the dangerous substance at all. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the INCI information and the term "butylated hydroxytoluene" and do not buy any corresponding products. So always look closely!

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