Bakuchiol - What You Need to Know About the “Anti-Aging Miracle” and Retinol Alternative

Attention, there is a new trend around: Bakuchiol is the miracle cure for wrinkles. But what is there? We take a look at Bakuchiol and its properties as an anti-aging active ingredient: What are the effects and side effects of Bakuchiol and what should you look out for with Bakuchiol creamsn? 

What is Bakuchiol 

In cosmetics, Bakuchiol has been increasingly traded as an anti-aging miracle for several years. The active ingredient comes from the seeds of the Babchi plant and has long been known in Chinese medicine and Ayuverda.

Bakuchiol is not obtained exclusively from the Bachi plant, but has been produced entirely synthetically since 1973. For a long time, however, hardly anyone was interested. It wasn't until 2007 that Bakuchiol started talking again when the first products with the active ingredient came onto the market.

Since then, more and more cosmetics experts in Europe have been talking about Bakuchiol as an alternative to retinol or as a supplement. 

This is interesting because we think soRetinol is not necessarily the ideal antiaging ingredient is.

What are the properties of Bakuchiol 

Bakuchiol works in three ways:

  • Antioxidant it fights free radicals
  • Antimicrobial it inhibits the spread of microorganisms and incapacitates them 
  • Antifungal it helps against diseases caused by fungi 

Bakuchiol is therefore an active ingredient that reduces stress on the skin. And that gives a first point for the active ingredient.

How does Bakuchiol work on the skin 

There are only a limited number of studies on the effect of Bakuchiol, but all the more cosmetic articles that rave about Bakuchiol and promise all sorts of wonders for the active ingredient.

One of the more frequently cited studies is from 2018 and inBritish Journal of Dermatology published. In this study, 44 participants were given either a retinol or a Bakuchiol cream for 12 weeks, each with 0.5 percent of the corresponding active ingredient. 

The study found that Bakuchiol 

  • stimulates collagen formation
  • reduces the formation of wrinkles
  • improves skin elasticity
  • Hyperpigmentation softens

theBritish studyEven if only carried out with a few participants, it gives initial indications of a good anti-aging effect.

Bakuchiol versus retinol

Even if Bakuchiol andRetinol (or vitamin A) are chemically different, they have similar effects on the skin: Both are considered to be youthful because they reduce the formation of wrinkles, are rich in antioxidants and stimulate collagen formation.

With retinol, however, we also know that skin tolerance leaves something to be desired: Unfortunately, the body often reacts sensitively to vitamin A. The skin dries out, the lips can burst, the hair becomes thinner 

The side effects of retinol also apply to Bakuchiol 

This is exactly what the UK study cited above looked at. The scientists were able to determine that Bakuchiol was better accepted by the test subjects: there were fewer side effects such as flaking or reddening.

Bakuchiol thus promises to be a better alternative to retinol:

Bakuchiol has auspicious anti-aging effects without the unwanted side effects of retinol.

Forever young: face creams with bakuchiol

Bakuchiol has the potential to be the wonder drug of this decade. It is always in vogue: More and more skin creams incorporate the active ingredient, some as a substitute for retinol and some as a supplement. 

We recommend you:

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Until then, be good to yourself and your skin! #treatyourself


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