Alkohol und Drogen: Was bedeutet der Rausch für die Haut?

Alcohol and drugs: what does the intoxication mean for the skin?

No power to drugs? Let's not kid ourselves: almost all people like to drink a few beers and wines, some use stronger drugs for a good high. While this may be fun, it is not particularly intoxicating for your skin. We have summarized the typical effects of alcohol and drugs.

Why are drugs bad for the skin?

The obvious first: You can tell from your skin whether you are using drugs. Depending on the type of skin change, it could even be determined more precisely which smoke poison it is.

But first things first: Drugs are not the same as drugs. Injection drugs like heroin are initially physically invasive. You would recognize them by puncturing the arms, hands, back of the knees, etc. The skin damage can remain depending on the degree of hardness and leave scar tissue.

If you consume drugs, you not only consume the actual intoxicant substance, but also additives. These are often added because the drug can only be consumed in this way or because someone enriches himself through stretched goods. The additives can also affect your skin.

Illegal drugs: What pathological symptoms do you have on your skin?

A small selection of typical diseases related to the use of illegal drugs:

drug illness What it means
cocaine papillomavirus Warts on the nose, also known as snorter warts .
vasculitis These are autoimmune diseases that lead to inflammation of the (among other things) arteries, capillaries and veins. As a result, it looks very bad for skin, as if you didn't want to google it.
heroin Urticaria or hives The skin reacts pathologically to influences and shows this by wheals or aggressive reddening of the skin.
Meth (amphetamine) xerosis Unusually dry tissue surfaces affect not only the skin but also the eye, the mucous membranes in the mouth, the upper airways and the bladder.
pruritus Known as itching. Not only is it particularly painful, it also triggers a vicious cycle by scratching.
ecstasy Acne-like skin changes Known as ecstasy pimples, papules and pustules appear on the face when consuming the party drug.

Cigarettes: No smoking is like cosmetics

Where is tobacco consumption not really noticeable? It affects your lungs, your condition, your sense of smell and smell, the quality of your sperm and much more.

It can be clearly seen on the skin that someone is a smoker: the pollutant bombs ensure that the level of collagen and elastin drops, which makes your skin less elastic and wrinkles. Due to the toxins it is heavily used, nutrients are missing and make you look pale.

If you smoke, you affect your own blood circulation, including that of the skin. This leads to a high risk of infection and difficult to treat smoking acne. Due to weakened blood circulation, smoking once again contributes to the fact that your skin becomes inelastic, can regenerate itself more poorly and leaves an overall unhealthy appearance.

If you do without cigarettes, you also do without a typical, unsightly smoker's appearance.

Special case of alcohol: Particularly harmful to the skin

Alcohol is a real problem drug. In contrast to illegal drugs, alcohol is absolutely legal, and unlike smoking, alcohol is still socially accepted - if not even desired!

But what alcohol is: bad for your skin. Here are the main appearances on the skin:

  • Dry skin and wrinkles: Alcohol removes fluid from your body - including your skin. And not only that: important nutrients are also lost! In total, this leads to wrinkles and a pale appearance of your skin.
  • Skin swelling: The alcohol is targeting your connective tissue. As a result, your skin loses elasticity and is less elastic. In addition, it swells.
  • Reddening of the skin: Red veins: Your blood vessels dilate due to the alcohol, which redden the skin and make you look faster. With regular consumption, veins can also form, especially on the face.
  • Skin irritation: The breakdown product acetaldehyde - incidentally also responsible for your hangover the day after - is excreted by your body through the skin. Our body actually knows this substance, but it can no longer cope with it in excessive amounts, which leads to skin irritation.
  • Reduced defense function: The really great thing about our skin is that it alone has many good properties to protect itself. You damage your own immune system through alcohol consumption: itching, scaling can occur. The symptoms worsen especially in patients with neurodermatitis, psoriasis or eczema.
  • Hair loss: Body hair can regress due to the stressed or damaged liver.
  • Blemishes: Regular alcohol consumption promotes sebum production. This threatens to clog your pores and ignite. The result is pimples and blackheads.

What can I do about skin damage caused by alcohol and drugs?

The bad news is that you will see some effects on your skin for a long time to come. Skin cells renew themselves and there are regeneration effects, but you will have a lifetime of wrinkles and red veins.

That is why it is all the more important that you maintain a healthy and conscious use of drugs. Best for you and your skin: none at all!

And there we have a little problem, because we men like to drink a beer (or two) from time to time. So if you can't leave it entirely, we recommend two things:

  1. Always drink enough water at the same time. This helps to counteract the dehydration caused by alcohol.
  2. Care for your skin and thereby supply it with moisture and important nutrients. We did not develop our Hydra Defense Cream for combat drinkers, but in such a way that it freshens men's skin. Try it! Click here for the shop .

The best for you and your skin is and remains: #staysober