7 Anzeichen: Daran erkennst Du, dass Du zu viel Sport treibst

7 signs: This shows that you are doing too much sport

In fact, you can overdo it with exercise, sports lover. There are a number of symptoms that you provoke with excessive exercise. Do they seem familiar to you? Then you should downshift a gear - and do something unusual with your body.

7 signs: This shows that you are doing too much sport

The more of the following signs apply to you, the more urgently you should think about changing your mind. We have a few tips below.

1. You are more tired and less concentrated than usual

... if not even dead tired and absolutely unfocused! Due to the many movements and the effort you keep your pulse on the trot much more often. If you then allow your body no periods of rest, it will not pass you by without a trace. No wonder you're so exhausted. On top of that, this exhaustion strikes your concentration: normal tasks are more difficult than usual.

2. You are "a little" unbalanced

Have you ever noticed that you have been faster to 180 lately - even with small things? Through sport, your body produces hormones that help you deal with stress. However: if you overdo it, the tide turns and in combination with the higher tiredness you are more easily irritated and tick faster. You will most likely notice this from the strong restlessness that makes you so agile.

3. Your performance is deteriorating

Not only are you more tired than usual, you will also no longer be able to follow your training goals with ease. What if you continuously overwork yourself? Your muscles only grow if you also have periods of rest. If you challenge them every day, you have no chance to keep up and become weaker. From this follows the next problem:

4. Pain, ache, pain

If you do too much exercise, your muscles will protest because they are overwhelmed and cause you sore muscles. Sure, it will pass at some point. But what you also get yourself is joint pain and body aches; and they can get really stubborn. A good life looks different.

5. You feel slightly sickly

Some people would disparagingly speak of "men's cough", but the truth is, you don't feel particularly well. If your body is under constant sport stress and has no time for regeneration, your immune system will eventually no longer want to. You are more susceptible to ailments that you would otherwise have easily put away.

6. In truth no more buck

Especially with guys who only do a lot of sport for a good appearance, a zero-buck phase will begin at some point. Why? In this case, sport is a mandatory program and has little to do with leisure and fun. If you notice that the desire to exercise is decreasing more and more, this is a serious sign.

7. You are stuck

Progress on the body has failed to materialize: you are no longer building muscle mass, are you even gaining fat cells? This is because an excess of exercise lowers testosterone levels, but at the same time, more cortisol is formed. The combination means that fat cells can form more quickly, and muscle cells less so.

Time for change, time for YOU

Do you recognize yourself in some or more points? Then this is because you increased the scope and / or the intensity of your training too quickly and because of too long training intervals you no longer have time for physical regeneration .

The only sensible thing you can (and should do!) In this case is to make your training more life-friendly.

This not only makes sense for your body, but also for your social life: Did you notice that due to the excessive training units you neglected your important contacts in life? Haven't seen your best buddy in a while? And with your better half do you only experience the boring, everyday things?

A sign of more calm

It sounds banal and is actually not that easy, because it will be unusual for you: take your time and take your needs seriously. Take a break and think about how you can loosen up so that you also have time for other beautiful things in life.

Not only will you reduce the symptoms of exaggerated sportiness, you will also notice how enriching the world outside of the fitness studio is: you will notice nice, small details again, you will have more friends for life and will no longer be your own slave in sports clothes.

There are several approaches we can take to help us relax. One of them is comparatively easy to implement: Think about which symbol you want to use to remind yourself of your little lifestyle and don't forget that it is about your health and well-being.

This symbol can be an item that you always have with you - for example, a photo of someone important to you in your wallet or a certain accessory that you can easily carry with you. Something sensitive is also conceivable, such as a smell that accompanies you and has a calming effect on you. You seal your new attitude to a more relaxed life, for example, with a pleasantly distinctive male perfume. We have two good suggestions for this in our shop .

Be good to yourself - and #staysober