Thorium No. 90 - Eau de Parfum sober 100ml

Thorium No. 90 - Eau de Parfum men's fragrance

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Thorium No. 90 is a striking expression of masculinity and freedom. The aromatic woody scent with amber notes results in a fascinating and at the same time powerful composition. Cedar wood gives the fragrance tart, masculine sensuality, while musky woody notes give the stylish urban man elegance and depth. Thorium as a timeless and non-conformist fragrance is in a minimalist bottle which is closed with a cap made of brushed, black metal. The high concentration of its noble ingredients expresses the character of the fragrance in a strong and particularly long-lasting manner.

  • Fragrance note: fresh, spicy
  • Top notes: pink pepper, vetiver, citrus notes
  • Heart notes: grapefruit, labdanium, cedar
  • Base notes: ginger, sandalwood, incense
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Is thoriuman eau de parfum (EdP and, sprayed lightly over skin and clothing, donates an intense and masculine scent for the whole day.

fragrance information

Fragrance note: aromatic. Top notes: pink pepper, vetiver, citrus notes; Grapefruit, labdanum, cedar; Base note: ginger, sandalwood, incense

Ingredients (Inci)

Alcohol Denat, Parfum, Aqua, Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol, Citral, Coumarin, Geraniol.
Thorium No. 90 - Eau de Parfum sober 100ml
Thorium No. 90 - Eau de Parfum men's fragrance
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Community feedback

Christopher S.

I have recently tested the sober fragrances and can really recommend them all - all very fresh fragrances, perfect for every season. My absolute favorite is Thorium No.90 with its aromatic, woody scent.

Andy S.

The nuances of sandalwood and incense combined with fresh citrus notes make thorium a real all-rounder. sober 's DNA is clear:minimalistic, puristic and high quality! I LOVE IT!

– GQ Germany awards –

"One of the best fragrances"

Extract of the perfume scent notes


Vetivier, the fragrant root, is a perfume ingredient originally from southern India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. It has a unique aroma that cannot be produced synthetically. Vetiver is a component of numerous men's fragrances. He enriches the perfume with lemon facets as well as with earthy and woody nuances. He sets dark accents similar to ambergris or leather.r.


The sandalwood enriches every men's perfume with warm, woody notes. The tree only develops the valuable sandalwood oil from the age of 25. In men's fragrances, sandalwood harmonizes with both other wood and floral fragrances. The sandalwood tree is native to the East Indies and is protected by state laws.

pink pepper

Spicy notes always seem familiar to us due to their long use in perfumery. Pink pepper is an individual, very expensive and so-called cold spice note. It therefore gives the perfume a gentle, cooling aroma.


Due to its freshness, grapefruit is used as a component of perfumes and conveys a certain kind of lightness, joie de vivre and lust as a fragrance. The grapefruit tree is an evergreen plant native to subtropical areas.


The fine art of men's perfume

We produce at least Eau de Parfum quality with 16% or more perfume oil content, since the compositions used are not only particularly intense, but also perceptible for a long time.

There are different perfume qualities which differ mainly in the concentration of the perfume oil they contain. Eau de Cologne (EdC), originally intended as a refreshing water, is very volatile with 3-5% oil. The most common is the Eau de Toilette (EdT) with a perfume oil content of around 6-9%. This fragrance also dissipates faster than an eau de parfum and can therefore be used more generously. Eau de Parfum (EdP), on the other hand, has a high proportion of 10 - 16% fragrance concentrate. The fragrance is intense and of high quality and can be applied sparingly.

The fragrances from sober Fragrances are designed by world-renowned perfumers in Germany and France.


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