Krypton No. 36 - Eau de Parfum | Herrenduft Parfum sober 100ml

Krypton No. 36 - Eau de Parfum | men's fragrance

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A night full of promises that never ends: Intense, irresistible & mysterious. Krypton No. 36 is a men's perfume full of bold sensuality and refined elegance. In a world of night of light and shadow, it is seduction and temptation at the same time with its stimulating masculine scent. This long-lasting perfume is an unforgettable signature of a night where anything can happen. It beguiles with notes of cardamom and cedar wood and a heart note of lavender and bergamot. The seductive fragrance is based on amber, caraway and vetiver: an intense perfume with olfactory tension and exciting contrasts. The noble glass bottle is closed with a cap made of brushed black metal.

  • Fragrance note: oriental, spicy
  • Top notes: cardamom, cedarwood
  • Heart notes: lavender, bergamot
  • Base notes: amber, caraway, vetiver
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kryptona masculine eau de parfum (EdP and, sprayed lightly over the skin and clothing, donates a sensual, seductive and long-lasting fragrance for the whole day or night..

fragrance information

Fragrance: woody. Top notes: grapefruit, maritime notes; Heart note: bay leaf, jasmine; Base note: guaiac wood, oak moss, patchouli, amber

Ingredients (Inci)

Alcohol Denat, Parfum, Aqua, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Linalool, Limonene, Coumarin, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Butyl Methoxydibenzolymethane, Geraniol, Citral, CI-42090.
Krypton No. 36 - Eau de Parfum | Herrenduft Parfum sober 100ml
Krypton No. 36 - Eau de Parfum | men's fragrance
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Community Feedback

Ulf H.

Krypton ist ein eleganter Duft mit einer leichten orientalischen Note und Lavendel, der meiner Meinung nach sehr frisch ist und perfekt zu eleganter Kleidung und Anlässen passt.

Kris. K.

Ich bin ein großer Parfüm Liebhaber, speziell was den Geschmack und die Haltbarkeit eines Duftes angeht. Bei der Duft DNA habe ich mit Krypton ein zeitloses Parfüm gefunden, das sich minimalistisch über die Zeit entfaltet.

Sebastian B.

Ich mag den würzigen Duft nach Kräutern und Wald in Kombination mit herbem Amber. Das Parfüm vervollständigt den alltäglich, lässigen Look und trägt nicht zu Dick auf.

Extract of perfume notes

Kümmel Parfum Duft
Caraway seed

Caraway is one of the oldest spices and is known not only for its culinary properties, but also for its equally important use in medicine, cosmetics and perfumery. The fruits are called kernels and are used as a spice. They are also the source of the essential oil. Caraway seeds were used in ancient Mesopotamian civilizations, Egyptian dynasties, and by the Greeks and Romans.

Bergamotte Eau de Parfum
Calabrian bergamot

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is the result of a cross between citron and bitter orange and has a clear, fresh and tangy scent. Due to its fruity note, it has a refreshing aroma and invigorates body and mind. The scent should have an exhilarating, encouraging, calming and harmonizing effect. It also relieves fears, strengthens self-confidence and frees you from external pressure.

Lavendel Herrenduft

Lavender oil is a very valuable ingredient because it takes a lot of time to extract and the amount of raw materials required is very large. For example, 140 to 160 kg of lavender are required to produce one liter of pure lavender oil. The flowers of the lavender bush smell of freshly picked herbs and at the same time floral. This scent is particularly suitable in combination with rose and citrus scents and especially for male perfumes. The scent also has a mood-enhancing effect.

Vetiver Männerparfum

Vetivier, the"fragrant root", is a perfume ingredient that originally comes from South India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. It has a unique aroma which cannot be produced synthetically. Vetiver is part of numerous men's fragrances. It enriches the perfume with lemon facets as well as earthy and woody nuances. It sets dark accents similar to amber or leather.

Männer Parfüm

The fine art of men's perfume

In addition to a well-groomed appearance, a man also wants to impress with an attractive scent. Whether fresh and reserved or tart and adventurous - each of the sober fragrances is as unique as you are. Which one you choose depends not only on the occasion but also on your own personality. What all of our fragrances have in common is a composition of pure masculinity and passion paired with elegance. Your individual character is created by a high-quality creation by experienced perfumers. They complete every outfit and set skilful accents that underline your personality. We produce at least Eau de Parfum quality with 16% or more perfume oil, as the compositions used are not only particularly intense, but also long-lasting.

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