Rasierpinsel Silvertip Fibre Aluminium schwarz

Shaving brush aluminum black

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Ready for a great shaving sober at any time, even when traveling.The sober shaving brush made of light and sturdy aluminum and superior soft bristles is the perfect tool to achieve a foaming effect on the shaving cream and to set up the whiskers so that the blade evenly over the skin can slide. The 3-part aluminum shaving brush consists of an aluminum jacket with a matt black coating, in which the brush can be completely sunk after use if necessary..

  • Aluminum shaving brush handmade in Germany
  • Vegan bristles that feel like silvertip badger hair
  • Thanks to its low weight, it is perfect for traveling
  • Can be completely submerged if necessary
  • Elegant design in matt black
€29.00 inkl. MwSt
The best wet shave requires the best tools - even when you're on the go. We spent a lot of time ensuring that the individual hairs were perfectly hand-worked into the brush head in order to ensure maximum stability and reliability in use for each hair. The unusual design of the head allows the brush to breathe even when it is sunk into the cover, in order to prevent possible bacterial growth from the start. Made in Germany.


Use is recommended after cleaning the facial skin. Rinse the brush with warm water, shake off excess water and apply a shaving gel or lather with the brush. Work a layer of shaving cream into the beard with circular brush strokes. If necessary, immerse the brush tip in water and more shaving cream or gel for more or new foam.

Vegan badger

The vegan bristle developed in Germany is very soft at the fine tips, but somewhat more stable in the middle than natural hair and synthetically produced premium quality. When lathering, these properties cause a pleasant, soft feeling on the skin without having to do without the material properties of the silvertip badger that are desired when foaming.

In daily use, the fibers, which are also manually processed, are less sensitive than natural hair because they dry faster and are resistant to shaving soaps and creams. Since it is a synthetic product, there is no unpleasant smell, as is the case with shaving brushes with wet animal hair.

The completely vegan fiber protects the animal world and is easier to use than natural hair, as it forms a particularly creamy and lush foam from just a small amount of shaving soap or cream and is therefore very economical to use.

Rasierpinsel Silvertip Fibre Aluminium schwarz
Shaving brush aluminum black
● Lieferbar
Rasierpinsel schwarz

Silvertip badger shaving brushes: The highest quality

Many shaving brush manufacturers offer shaving brushes with different types of bristles, cheap models often with hard pig bristles. However, the silvertip badger is particularly soft, durable and valued accordingly. The bristles for the shaving brush heads are obtained under sometimes questionable conditions. The sober shaving brush therefore consists of a synthetic sober . In terms of its properties, this is equivalent to wet shaving, i.e. pleasantly soft, water-carrying and foaming - but at the same time more hygienic, more durable and without the unpleasant smell of real animal hair. Due to the better evaporation of the water still in the shaving brush and the material used, the possible formation of bacteria is also many times lower than with a product derived from animals.